Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Botanical Gardens and Night Market

While I taught today, Sue took Cara, Shawn,and the boys to the Botanical Gardens, where many trees were in bloom with flowers and new leaves.
Hangzhou 004

Hangzhou 013

The sun came out in this gorgeous bamboo forest.
Hangzhou 025

Wedding photos in China are done way before the wedding, so the guests don't have to wait for the photography to be done.  This couple was getting their wedding picture done in the bamboo forest.
Hangzhou 026

Peter and Jack were of course very happy to see running water.  Anytime there is water and sticks available, they're satisfied!  Boys will be boys!

 Hangzhou 031
Cara, hanging out at the Botanical Garden in Hangzhou.
Hangzhou 035

Tonight, we took them to the night  market, where there are all sorts of items to be sold.  Good stuff plus cheap knock-offs.Hangzhou 092

Lots of stuff to buy, and lots of bargaining going on.
Hangzhou 087

Sunglasses season is coming!!
Hangzhou 090

Shawn and Sue doing some shopping.  They did a great job bargaining with the locals, using a pen and paper, or a calculator to discuss numbers.
Hangzhou 095

Sue found this local artist's wife that said her husband was going to retire THIS WEEK, so everything was CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!  I wonder how many years she has said she will retire THIS WEEK?!?!
Hangzhou 105

... and here's the artist himself - he showed us a picture of himself in some art book.  Sue liked his art and bought a few of his pieces.
Hangzhou 111

Then it was off to another shopping district, that was nicely lit...
Hangzhou 117

A decoration at one of the shops we perused...
Hangzhou 131

Sophie got some carmelized-sugar covered strawberries and sat down to enjoy them.
Hangzhou 135

A few moments later, a little friend wandered over, and decided it was a good place to sit and enjoy his candy too!
 Hangzhou 141

Tomorrow is the day of the BIG PARTY!  Cara and I have our 40th birthdays coming up on April 7, so I invited 100 of my friends and students to a Chinese style banquet.  Ha!  It should be an interesting cultural experience!  Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your email Cara! I saw your smiling faces on the blog so was happy that you made it there all ok. I'm eager to see the PARTY BLOG!!!! What an experience you all are having! Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're all having fun. Those strawberries look pretty good Sophie.... you going to share with Aunt Catherine?

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Thanks for the updates. The blog is amazing, makes us feel like we are there sharing the great moments. Shawn and Cara, looks like you are having a blast! Wish we could be there with you all. However, someone has to stay behind and endure the lovely snow!!! Have a great time at your party and live it up. What an experience Cara, to be able to say you spent your "40" birthday in China. Take care

Tina & Bryan "The Mc Jewell's" :)

Bob & Amy said...

Happy Birthday Lewis Twins - what a great way to celebrate! Enjoy every minute!!