Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here Come the Brides

The weather cleared up enough for us to try out a new park today, Prince Bay Park, at the south end of West Lake.  Part of the Qiantang river has been diverted to flow into West Lake, and the resulting tributary flows through this 197 acre park. 

We knew we must be at the right place when we got there, as this group of yellow-hats exited the park just as we entered.  The 3 chaperones definitely had their hands full!

 Hangzhou 006

The little guy in white did not like his friend hanging onto his hood!
Hangzhou 005

Lots of tulips were planted, although many of them had already been cut back!
Hangzhou 009

I was ordered to take this picture of a windmill by Sue.  She thought her Mom and Grandma would enjoy seeing a picture of a windmill in China!
Hangzhou 010

The boys stayed home today since we have had them out touring hard for the past 5 days, so only Sophie accompanied us today.
Hangzhou 026

More tulip fields!
Hangzhou 029

This was definitely THE spot to get wedding photos taken.We saw perhaps 100 brides running around in their gowns getting their pictures taken by wedding photographers - usually a bored looking groom was in tow. 
 Hangzhou 032

So many staged shots, everywhere we looked!
Hangzhou 022

This couple was posing for their picture...
Hangzhou 039

... and several other brides and grooms were queued up waiting for their turn at the same spot!
Hangzhou 071

  Looking across the river, it was easy to spot many more brides!

Hangzhou 040

... at this park - TULIPS and BRIDES!
Hangzhou 045

Sue and Sophie found this chariot to sit in for pictures.  We later found out that it cost 1 quai to sit in it and have your picture taken.  But we feigned foreign retardation and snuck off without paying.
Hangzhou 055

We found this show going on where two dragons danced around the wedding couple, then they open up this special, giant lock and "lock away their love".  Then they make a show of throwing away the key.
Hangzhou 062

Our little flower sat inside of this big one.  "Cheese Daddy"!
Hangzhou 068

Here she is again, filthy from running around the park and grinning ear to ear for the camera!

Hangzhou 076

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