Friday, April 18, 2008

Guo's Villa

First built between 1851 and 1861, this garden is named for Guo Shilin whose private residence this was.  This is considered to be most characteristic of the classic gardens in eastern China, and it sits on the edge of West Lake.  It's also the best example of a private traditional garden in Hangzhou.  It fell into disrepair for many years, and in 1991 it was re-opened after renovation.

Hangzhou 020

Peter took this picture of me admiring the garden which is split into two halves - the "Living in Quietness" section where the host used to meet guests, and the "Sky in the Mirror" section harboring a large pond.
Hangzhou 008

A small pagoda perched upon a rock face for a view of the Su Causeway.
Hangzhou 011

Peter and Jack loved this huge maple that provided a shady respite on this warm day.
Hangzhou 013

We spied this group of ladies playing mahjong and they tried to get their grandson to come out and see Peter and Jack, but he was too shy.  I tried coaxing him out too, but he would have no part of it!
Hangzhou 015

Peter always enjoys being outside, especially in these manicured gardens.
Hangzhou 016

Jack went for the art shot this time :)
Hangzhou 017

Of course wherever there are beautiful gardens and sunshine, you're bound to see couples doing wedding pictures!  Here's one I snuck...
Hangzhou 024

Next door to the gardens we found several boats available for rent.  It was such a nice day that we hopped on and he brought us to a calm inlet and rowed us around for an hour.  Very relaxing!  Jack even got out his book and read awhile.
Hangzhou 031

Jack on the boat, sporting the new buzz-cut he got yesterday.  He's loves having a buzz-cut and he's the only one in our family that can pull it off (maybe Sue could too, but Peter and I have weirdly shaped heads)!
Hangzhou 027

Paddling through the new Spring greenery on a 75 degree day.  Nice!
Hangzhou 039

I use tongue twisters in class a lot to help teach pronunciation.  Here's one I thought of for this picture:  "Sue's son seldom shuns the sun!"  Try saying that 3 times quickly!
 Hangzhou 041


Bob & Amy said...

Love the buzz cut! So glad you are having such nice weather. We may get snow tomorrow!!! Everything is going well here. Miss you guys!!
The Mahers

Anonymous said...

The reason your head is weirdly shaped is because you had to make room for your twin sister! Hah! Love Mom
PS Thanks so much for your phone call yesterday. I LOVED it. It's so great just to talk to you!

Anonymous said...

Nice buzz cut, Jack! I wish it was as warm here as it is there. As Amy mentioned, snow tomorrow! Disgusting! This garden is beautiful! I am imagining Westlake in my head on that beautiful day we had! More great blog pictures as usual. :)

Love, Cara