Friday, April 11, 2008

Cara and Shawn's Last Day

We braved the wet weather, and went out on a hike through some of the forested parts of the city.  Luckily the rain stopped since we had our umbrellas with us, so it was just a nice misty day.

Hangzhou 038

Hangzhou 008  Hangzhou 020

This woman was starting a fire to cook dinner with.  She was out of coal for her little furnace, so she had switched over to wood.  Smoky!  It smelled like camping.
Hangzhou 023

We also stopped by the silk market today where there are more than 300 shops that all sell silk products.  Scarves, pajamas, shirts, skirts,  ties, underwear, sleeping masks, bolts of silk.  Anything that can be made from silk can be found here!Hangzhou 035

One of the local silk shops...
 Hangzhou 029

Of the 300 shops, this was definitely the scariest mannequin!
  Hangzhou 036 Hangzhou 036
Tonight we will hop on the train to Shanghai and stay the night there (Cara, Shawn and myself).  Then we will go to Pudong tomorrow morning where I will see them off, back to the U.S.A.!  They have had a very eventful and memorable trip!

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