Monday, April 28, 2008

Tunxi Ink and Tea

It was so nice to sleep in on Sunday morning after spending all day on Yellow Mountain!  We couldn't sleep too late, however because there was apparently construction on the floor above us which started at 8am.  At least we were afforded an early enough start to be on the street by 9!

Our first stop was the Old Town to get something to eat.  We spied this pork shank drying in the morning sun.  Not what we had in mind!  Here's Jack also looking a bit out of place with his blond hair in this foreign scene!

Yellow Mountain 054    Yellow Mountain 368

This woman was selling vegetables from her cart.  A nice selection, but a bit inconvenient for the 7 of us.Yellow Mountain 057

Jack, again, being a good sport as not one, but 3 separate girls asked for their pictures with him!
Yellow Mountain 373

Yellow Mountain 065After breakfast, we went to the Tunxi Ink Factory - a famous place for buying ink products, ink stones and other art supplies.  We were told not to buy ink stones in the tourist old town areas because they might not really be stone, or they might be too porous and absorb the ink too quickly.  Sue spent about $100 US for an ink stone that she was very happy with! 

The man below is in the process of making black ink.  It takes 12 ingredients, and each ingredient by itself is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so theoretically it is non-toxic :). 
 Yellow Mountain 010

Yellow Mountain 067

Meanwhile, I was outside watching the kids, when a photography/art tour came by.  One of the photographers used the great ploy of giving candy to Sophie so she would stand their and pose for him and the rest of their entourage.
Yellow Mountain 060 Yellow Mountain 011

Here they are, all snapping away at the kids...
Yellow Mountain 062

... and here are the kids posing for them!
Yellow Mountain 064

The photography group moved on, but Sophie was still standing there, wondering if she could get another chocolate just for being cute!
Yellow Mountain 068

After the ink is dried, it is formed into blocks, and this woman is lettering the ink stick with gold paint.
Yellow Mountain 071

The finished ink sticks, ready for shipment!
Yellow Mountain 072

Next, it was off to the tea store.  Anhui province is very famous in China for several different types of tea (Green teas and Black teas) so we went to a tea store for a tasting.  Here are Anita and Rebecca helping out with Sophie.
Yellow Mountain 367

Some interesting shutters on this old building...
Yellow Mountain 371

... and here we are at the tea store having a tasting.  We asked the taxi driver to wait, so he came in and tasted with us!  A down-home affair!
  Yellow Mountain 376

Anita and I, waiting to be served our next round of tea.
Yellow Mountain 078

In all, we tried 2 different green teas, which cost about 1280 yuan per 1/2 kilo, or about $180 US per pound! We also tried some delicious black tea (they call it RED tea here).  I was surprised that the boys REALLY got into tasting the various types of teas!
Yellow Mountain 377

Jack, trying some delicious chrysanthemum tea.  His favorite!
Yellow Mountain 379

We tried 2 different types of chrysanthemum teas, yellow and white.  We preferred the yellow chrysanthemum teas.  We bought some of each to take home.  It was wonderful to have them all explained to us and to sample each one!
Yellow Mountain 380

Finally, we hopped on the bus for the 3 hour trip back to Hangzhou very satisfied with our Yellow Mountain trip.  If you haven't seen the Yellow Mountain pictures yet... keep reading!

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