Thursday, May 17, 2007

Peter's New Horizons class goes to Grand Canyon

Today I accompanied 50 kids from the New Horizons classes in 3 schools to the Grand Canyon. New Horizons is a pull out program for the smarties like Peter and Jack. Peter's 5th grade New Horizons class got on the bus at 6am for our partial hike down the Bright Angel Trail.

No this was not one of the students, but a mountain goat near the side of the trail

Here we all are, starting down the trail - beautiful warm day!

Hey look, more wildlife! These guys wouldn't even move if you stepped on them! Very aggressive about getting into your pack if you let them.

Louise Clark and Dave Deutsch, our fearless teachers for the occasion!

OK so now it's getting HOT! We finally came out of the canyon about noon and we were glad to not be going uphill any longer. Here are Peter and his buddy Cody holding up the Bright Angel trail sign.

Finally, some well deserved ice cream after a long, hot hike!

The Pool is Open!

The pool is finally at a swimmable 88 degrees, so the kids have been in it constantly, as they are at the beginning of every summer since we've had it. Some pool pictures...

Jack doing a "Cowabunga!" off of the diving board

What?? How did this fish get in here?? Just kidding! We went to the fish farm on Mother's day and Jack caught this fine rainbow trout specimen.

Peter and Sophie, diggin' a little pool time!

5th Grade Camp

Well the school year has almost drawn to a close so that means it is time for 5th grade overnight camp! Tim hung out with Peter for his activities on the first day, then led an orienteering course (with a compass - not a GPS!) on the second day.

Peter examines a set of leaves and matches it to other students' descriptions.
We led the kids out into the forest, blindfolded, and gave them a tree to "hug". They each spent 10 minutes with their tree, then we took them back to the starting point. After removing the blindfolds, they had to go back and find their tree. They all did it!

I got to light the fire for the camp that night. Mr. Erickson told me to make it big - he didn't know what he was getting himself into!
Mr. Kissel, Peter's teacher. I finally got a picture of him smiling! He always plays the "bad cop" with the kids at camp, so my mission was to get this picture!
The two homies, Peter and Hunter, hanging out, waiting in the chow line.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

4th Graders descend on Tucson!

Tim and Jack survive the 4th Grade Overnight!
We went on a 2 day field trip with Jack's class to Tucson. We visited the Casa Grande ruins, San Xavier Mission, Corbett house, the NOAA National Weather center, and the ASU bookstore - and that was just the first day! The second day we went to the Desert Sonoran Museum and the Old Pueblo Archaeological Center, where the kids got to go on a mock dig, look at petroglyphs and walk a labyrinth. Then it was off to Sweet Tomatoe's to feed 60 kids, and finally back on the bus and return home by 10pm - fun and exhausting for all!

Chris, Jack and Tanner at the San Xavier Mission

A screech owl - check out those hypnotic eyes!

Jack (with bloody nose), Chris, Tanner, Nick and my co-chaperone, Dan Koonz.

The boys on their mock dig at the Old Pueblo Archaeological Center.

Hi cutie!

This little guy decided to pose for me so I just had to snap his picture...