Monday, April 7, 2008

Shanghai Yu Yuan Gardens - Day 3

Cara, Shawn and the Lewis family were in Shanghai for the last 3 days playing tourist.  We had a lot of fun seeing  the sights and we saw so many things!  Since we were away and I didn't bring my computer along (WITHDRAWL SYMPTOMS!) Here are a few days of blogging for you below!

Shanghai 203
Here's Cara getting her first look at the Yu Yuan gardens in Shanghai. 
Shanghai 202

Jack, Sophie and Sue went back yesterday evening to allow us to tour around easier.  Thanks Sue!  Otherwise it becomes quite a feat to get 2 taxi's going to the same place with only one person that (sort of!!) speaks Chinese to the driver!
Shanghai 212

The Yu Yuan gardens were created over 400 years ago in the Ming Dynasty, and were the a private residence.  Many gorgeous flowers, rock formations, fish ponds and ornate buildings.  It was hard to know where to point the camera!
Shanghai 218

Shanghai 235
Inside the garden was a clothing rental shop.  How could we resist!  Since it was our birthday, we ORDERED Shawn to wear the Emperor's costume.  He graciously complied...
Shanghai 219

Shawn, Cara, and Peter in period clothing.  Cute!
Shanghai 220 Shanghai 223Shanghai 222

Peter looks so ROYAL!
Shanghai 224 Shanghai 231Shanghai 225

During the clothing ordeal, what the pictures DON'T show is that we drew quite a crowd.  After we returned the clothes, we retreated to quieter parts of the garden.  An ornate dragon on a roof corner...
Shanghai 234

Some of the lanterns that decorated the hallways...  The birds found them a perfect place to perch and watch the world go by!
Shanghai 240 Shanghai 246 Shanghai 255

Some beautifully maintained and manicured foliage...
Shanghai 261 Shanghai 263

Peter and Cara, enjoying the serenity of the Yu Yuan garden.  I think Peter will pass up Cara in height in about 6 minutes!
Shanghai 267

After the garden, we hopped into a taxi, and went back to the hotel to collect our bags.  We made our way across the river to Pudong and hung out at the Binjiang Public Park in a restaurant bordering the river.  It was a warm 75 degrees today with some SUN!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Cara! Hope you guys are having a great time. It's still your birthday here! Don't worry about the cats- they are feeling very much at home. Tabby is so comfortable that she puked on my jeans at 4am while I was staying at Mom's this weekend. Bryan says hi. Keep the pictures coming. Talk to you later! Tina