Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hangzhou Scissor Museum

I know.  The Scissor Museum.  You must think we're REALLY bored to go to a scissor museum, but it is also a working factory and famous the world over for SCISSORS, and nail clippers, and garden clippers.  This scissor company, Zhang Xiao Quan is known the world over for its quality scissors and has been in business making scissors since 1663!  Almost 350 years of scissors!

Hangzhou 023

Of course as  parents, we had to turn this into a lesson on the value of a college education.  The boys watched this woman for quite awhile as she placed single blades into this machine to be punched.  She had boxes and boxes of single blades ready to be inserted into the machine.  She does this all day, every day. Ugh!

Hangzhou 019

Sue has made it her mission to visit every museum in Hangzhou, so we can now check this one off the list.  They also visited the Natural History Museum, however after they got their they found it had been closed for SIX MONTHS due to an in progress move.  It must take a long time to move pickled, bound feet!  (No, I'm not kidding!)  At least they can say they have been there!

Hangzhou 033

They did find a nice cage at the museum that they tried out.  Maybe I can pick one of these up cheap in a move sale!  It might come in handy!  Hangzhou 035

For posterity's sake, here's a picture of me in one of the 8,000 Hangzhou taxi cabs, with Shawn visible in the back seat, on a rainy night.  Eight thousand may seem like a lot of cabs, but for a city with between 7 and 10 million people, depending on who you ask, it is often too little!  Shanghai, with 30 million people has 50,000 cabs.
Hangzhou 010


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

I remember passing that scissor museum while we were there. That's a nice taxi picture of Tim and Shawn too! Hope the weather is warming up for you guys!

Love, Cara

Anonymous said...

So Sue, are you going to bring us back a good pair of world famous scizzors? That museum sounded interesting. Please tell Peter to keep his nose to himself...no more lizards chewing on it! love mom