Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Disneyland - Day 2 in the park

We started Day 2 by sleeping in late which everyone appreciated!  Then it was off to breakfast at the Storyteller cafe.  Here's Jack telling a story about how he's going to rip off Grandpa's nose!

Disney 002

Here are some more shots of us goofing around at breakfast:

 Disney 010 Disney 011 Disney 012

 We spent hours doing Disney pin collecting which the boys LOVED (who woulda thunk??).  Then we made it to Frontier Land for a show and some rides.Disney 019

Disney 051 Disney 055 Disney 057 Disney 061 Disney 062

Next it was off to California Adventure to do the Bugs' Life area, more blasted PIN TRADING (sit and wait for the boys :)) and some rides.

Disney 066 Disney 071

Sophie and Jack found the water play area in Bugs' life and had a fantastic time:

 Disney 094 Disney 102
"Wow Jack, you really had to go!"
Disney 110 

Here's Jack catching the water drops in his mouth!

Disney 125

Overall another great day in the Park.  Sue went out again this evening with Jack to take him on the bigger rides.  Hopefully that $$ I spent on dinner doesn't end up on the rider in front of her :)

Disney 129

A Ferris Wheel with cars that slide in and out.  Peter and Grandma did this one.

Disney 138

The "California Screamin" roller coaster - the blur in the center is the coaster doing about 70mph.  I left Jack and Sue to ride this coaster so I could come back and finish this Blog; a much safer activity.  "No it's ok, I'll take Sophie back to the room!"

Disney 143

Monday, July 30, 2007

Disneyland - Day 1 in the park

It was a wild ride today in Disneyland!  We got up and went to breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen; a restaurant where some of the Disney characters walk around to your table and allow you to take their picture.  Lots of yummy junk food for the kids, too!


Here are some pics of us in Goofy's Kitchen:Disney 007

Disney 021 Disney 023 Dan O. offered Jack $50 if he could get a shot givin' five to Goofy.  Here's the money shot Dan!Disney 036

Disney 045

Next it was off into the park for our first day of Disneyland.  Here's a nice staged shot! :)Disney 061

Peter and Jack went crazy over Disney pin trading!  Jack had a tough time making a selection!

 Disney 075 Disney 077

Disney 085 Disney 096Peter!  Don't lick all of those!

Disney 098 Disney 103 The rodeo King and queen!Disney 115 Disney 155

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Disneyland Adventure - Day 1

It was quite a day today saying goodbye to our house for a WHOLE YEAR, and then climbing onto a beautiful KingAir 350 in Prescott hired by Randy and Linda.  It took us only a little over an hour to get to Disneyland and we were checked in by 3pm!

"OK Mom, the car's all packed!"

Disney 001

Grandpa and Jack boarding the plane.  Jack had to wave a final goodbye!!
Disney 007

Grandma with her spoiled grandchildren (and children), getting ready to take off from Prescott International Airport.Disney 009
Jack and Peter enjoying their cushy ride to Disneyland.

Disney 016
Sophie sure enjoyed the bumps! 

Disney 020

We made it to Disneyland and now we're ready to party!

Disney 023
We visited "Downtown Disney" and the boys went crazy at Lego Land!
Disney 033  They met "Darth Vader" there at the lego store.  Grandma had cooler sunglasses though.
Disney 037 Jack bought sophie a Mickey Mouse balloon with his own money.  What a sweetie!

Disney 084

"I'm getting a little tired, but I'm not going to admit it!"

Disney 067
Overall it was a great start to our trip, and we're looking forward to going into the park tomorrow morning.  Good Night!
Disney 046

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Farewell to Prescott!

Leaving 008
OK we're on our way to Hangzhou, China, by way of Disneyland!!  See my previous post for information about Hangzhou. We're really hopeful for a great year with interesting experiences! 

Peter and Jack have been home schooling on math already, and we have an interview in late August for Sophie to go to Kindergarten (they start earlier there)!

You can find our contact information at: http://lewisaz.org/contact/contact.htm .  We will keep that location updated with our current contact information, when we have internet availability!

Thanks to everyone for helping out with our house and other responsibilities while we're gone!!  Stay tuned for some Disney pictures!

Monday, July 23, 2007

ATV To Crown King, AZ

We took a break from our getting ready for China by going by ATV to Crown King, Arizona.  We went with the Uhler family and Sue's parents, Randy and Linda - over 76 miles of dirt 4-wheel drive roads!

Peter and Jack getting ready for the event - the ATV was still on the trailer!

Crown King 023

Peter, with his new brain bucket!

Crown King 025
Jack having fun with expert rider Matt Uhler!

Crown King 046
Jack giving Sue a ride - he's a good driver! 

Crown King 150

"Time for a pit-stop, Dad!"
Crown King 159 Even Sophie came for the ride! Here she is after showing keen interest in a mud puddle. 

Crown King 052

Here's the whole gang!  Matt, Kelly, Linda, Tim, Peter, Randy, Sue, Jack, Brian, Sophie, Jacqueline, Tammy and Bailey!Crown King 171