Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Shanghai Tour - Day 1

I'm happy to report that Cara and Shawn's digestive systems are back to 75% operation.  They bravely crawled out of bed and onto a train to Shanghai from Hangzhou - and here we are, in Shanghai!

Shanghai 004

One of the side streets in Shanghai...

 Shanghai 005

An overpass being built near Yan 'An road.  Here's where all of the world's steel goes!
Shanghai 006

Unfortunately, Shanghai was really socked in, so walking the Bund wasn't as spectacular as normal.  We did however see this advertisement being dramatically displayed on the Huang Pu river in front of the tall buildings.
Shanghai 010

Shawn and Cara swinging Sophie as we stroll down the Bund.
Shanghai 019

We had a lovely 3 bedroom apartment on the 25th floor of a hi-rise for about $120 US a night - the New Harbor Service Apartments. Great location - we could walk everywhere!
Shanghai 025

Next it was off to the Jade Buddha temple.  Friday was "Tomb Sweeping Day", the Chinese equivalent of Memorial Day, which lasted all weekend.  There were THRONGS of people at the Jade  Buddha temple, remembering their ancestors.

There actually is a Buddha statue made of Jade, which is over 1000 KG in weight and about 2 meters tall.  Unfortunately no photography of the Jade Buddha itself is allowed, so you'll just have to use your imagination on this one - or better yet, come to Shanghai!

Shanghai 049
Shanghai 026

LEFT: A woman prays as her wishes are burned in the urn.  RIGHT: Some decorations in the temple.
Shanghai 031 Shanghai 044

Lots of smoke in the air from all of the incense burning!
Shanghai 037

Some older ladies who were performing a dance for the crowds...
Shanghai 041

Peter and Shawn, checking out the temple.
Shanghai 050

One of the Buddha statues, and a temple hallway...
Shanghai 051Shanghai 074

People come from miles around to this temple, to pay their respects to their ancestors this weekend.
Shanghai 056

More decoration inside this beautiful temple...Shanghai 061

One of the more peaceful courtyards in the temple.
Shanghai 067

Smoke, smoke, and more smoke from hundreds of sticks of incense.
Shanghai 075 Shanghai 076

Once again, outside of the temple and into the fresh (or fresher, at least) air!   Shanghai 077

This woman was having her lunch as she manned her small store.
Shanghai 078

This store, conveniently located across from the temple will sell you as much incense as you want to buy!
Shanghai 079

Next it was off to Nanjing Dong Lu, the biggest shopping street in Shanghai.  Sophie actually fell asleep!  When she's asleep (rarely) she's at least 10 pounds heavier!  It was nice to have Uncle Shawn carry her around and save our backs!

Shanghai 080

Nanjing Dong Lu, a huge pedestrian shopping street with hawkers accosting you from both sides trying to sell watches, bags, DVD's etc.  I taught Cara and Shawn how to say "Bu Yow" or "Don't Want"! so they would go away quickly!
 Shanghai 086

Here we are off the turnip truck, gawking at the big city!
Shanghai 087

Oooh, Timmy look!  There's a picture of BRAD PITT!
Shanghai 091

People of course LOVE to have their picture taken with our blond-headed Jack.  Here he is with a baby...
Shanghai 095

... and now it is the moms' turn.
Shanghai 103

... then more people joined!  Jack was a good sport.
Shanghai 105

Shanghai's biggest Coca-Cola bottle!
 Shanghai 108

Jack and Sophie taking a break and watching some toys being displayed.
Shanghai 109

Sophie found a boy to play with....
 Shanghai 113

But then it was time to leave, and she wanted UUUUUUUPPPP!
Shanghai 116 Shanghai 118

The busy-ness of all of the street signs was overwhelming!
Shanghai 119

The family, posing with a statue; with Sophie...
Shanghai 122

Shanghai 123

... and Peter!  Ugh, he's getting heavy!
Shanghai 125

Cara made some new friends.  She's going to be lead vocal in a new Chinese rock band!  We'll let you know when their debut is!

 Shanghai 126

Chinese-style minivan!
Shanghai 130

We went to the Shanghai Acrobats in the evening, and then back to the hotel to rest for another long day touring in Shanghai!

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Bob & Amy said...

Wow - I just loved seeing all the sights in Shanghai. Was it fun to be back? I bet it seems totally different now that you've had so much experience elsewhere in China. Loved the shots of Sue, the statue & her 3 kids. Brave & Strong mama! Have a great trip!!