Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Poo at the Market

Since my other poo-poo story was so popular, here's another!  Shawn, Cara and Sue were at the flower, fish and bird market, and a small boy of about 2 years old made a poo right in the middle of  the floor!

My sister Cara said, "It was DISGUSTING".  The little boy then bent over really far to look between his legs and inspect what he had done.  Sorry no pictures here - this blog does have SOME sense of decorum.  Sue and I are no longer shocked by these displays of public potty-ing (when the children are not ours), however it was fun to see this scene played out through their eyes!

This morning, Sue and Shawn walked to the big grocery store and on the way stopped to buy some train tickets back to Shanghai for their departure back to the U.S.  Instead of the train ticket sales office, there was a giant gaping hole - more evidence of the sweeping changes in Hangzhou, and China at large!

We kept Sophie home from school today.  She is very quiet and subdued as she has a bad cold and a fever - totally out of character for her, so we KNOW she doesn't feel well.  Meanwhile, Cara played a mean game of monopoly with the boys and she was totally cleaned out.  Her nephews are RUTHLESS.  The weather was extremely windy and rainy so it was nice to have a home day today.  More rain is expected tomorrow but I hope to get them out and see more sights.

A bonsai tree at the Flower, Fish and Bird Market

Picture 003

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