Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can You Say, "Vanquish?"

One of the vocabulary words in my English class was the word "vanquish", as in "The Hulk vanquished his enemies!"  Well, that is exactly what happened to our neighborhood train ticket office!  We used to buy our train tickets here up until a couple of weeks ago... now not even the building is left standing; just a pile of rubble!
Hangzhou 008

After awhile, some workers came to sift through the remains to find any recyclable parts; bricks, bits of metal, etc.; anything that can be reused!
Hangzhou 007

Speaking of the word "vanquish", our rabbit has gotten HUGE!  He vanquishes rabbit food, vegetables and water at an alarming rate!  He is getting much faster, stronger and harder to catch, too!  Look at those FEET!

Hangzhou 005
Here's Jack and Sophie with our friend Amir; he had been teaching underprivileged children how to speak English near the Tibetan border which he loved.  His contract ended, so now he's shopping around for more opportunities in Hangzhou.  He is so good with children and our kids love him!
Hangzhou 012 

Peter's computer was also nearly "vanquished".  During the last major construction, the indoor portion of the air conditioning unit was moved to the opposite side of the boys' room over the desk.  Somehow it wasn't hooked up properly and excreted over a liter of water while it cooled their room overnight.  Normally this wouldn't be much of a problem, except Peter's laptop was the recipient of the deluge!  We dried it out carefully during the warm day.  Tonight, we crossed our fingers and pressed the power button.  Miraculously, it appears unharmed! Whew!


Bob & Amy said...

Blackjack is enormous!! What a funny bunny! We are doing great here, loving the spring (but not all the allergies). Julia is having a pony party for her birthday, 3 ponies trotting around the cul de sac, should be great for neighbor relations...We miss you guys!!
The Maher's

Anonymous said...

Good God that rabbit has had a HUGE growth spert! He wasn't that big when Cara and I saw him just a a few weeks ago. Does he still fit in the cage? Shawn

Anonymous said...

Whoa... what have you been feeding Blackjack? do you really feed them carrots? tell jack and peter i said hi.

Chris V.

Anonymous said...

Who gets Blackjack when you come
back to the USA? Curious