Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sophie's Parent Day

Sue, Peter and Jack accompanied Sophie to her kindergarten where she got to show off her school for a morning Parent's Day. She was thrilled to show everything she had learned and worked on to Mom and her Big Brothers.
Hangzhou 009

Jack, watching Sophie's activities... He bought a new backpack recently and wears it everywhere!
Hangzhou 004

(LEFT): The beds that are rolled out during nap time for all of the kids, and (RIGHT): Sophie shows some of her toys.

Hangzhou 011Hangzhou 012

Tonight, our friend Ashley came over from school and babysat the 3 kids.  Sue and I went out ALONE to a foot massage, followed my noodles at this little shop below.  It was great fun to watch our noodles being handmade.  We ordered our meal, WITHOUT MSG, thank you very much.
Hangzhou 016 Hangzhou 017

Tomorrow we go to Yellow Mountain or "Huang Shan".  We have tried desperately to get a hotel over the phone but to no avail - everything that is on the internet is booked, so we're going without reservations and HOPING we get a room!  Yellow Mountain has 76 peaks and is to China what the Grand Canyon is to America - something not to be missed.  The scenery will be beautiful and will hopefully overshadow any dismal accommodations we run across :).

We will be away from the computer until Sunday so the blog will not be updated for a couple of days - but stay tuned for a pictures and stories of what promises to be an "interesting" trip!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

Anita and I have been exchanging e-mails quite often and she tells me she will be joining you on your Yellow Mountain Trip. Hope you guys have a safe and fun trip! I look forward to seeing the new blog pictures when you return!

Love, Cara

Bob & Amy said...

OK, I'm LOVING the pig tails on Sophie. Very cute. Hope you guys get a place to sleep in the Mts- have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

oh... I'm sure the upcoming lodging stories will be told for years to come.... looking forward to them.
auntie Catherine

Anonymous said...

Dear Lewis Family,

Wow, Sophie looks so much older with pig-tails and really looks like she is getting taller. She has the best smile. Hope you had a great night out and again thank you for sharing your blog, photos and travels.

Sincerely, Kay (The Scott Family)