Monday, March 31, 2008

Tourist Traffic Dodge

Cara and Shawn are in town with us for the next few days, and so we took them on a punishing ride to West Lake, and taught them how to dodge the maniacal Chinese drivers.  Here we are at West Lake... ALIVE!

Hangzhou 005

The spectators were watching us as usual, so I turned my camera on them, to their surprise!  If they only knew they are famous now!
Hangzhou 006

Some wedding pictures being taken - we did catch a peek under her gown and she was wearing blue jeans!  We took Cara and Shawn down to feed the fish and see the blossoming trees.
Hangzhou 008 Hangzhou 070

Some very brightly colored flowering trees...
Hangzhou 011

Here's a flowering boy...
Hangzhou 012

The boys posing for the camera.  It's much cooler to say, "Thumbs DOWN, Dad!"
Hangzhou 016

A Japanese Maple in the park.
Hangzhou 019

... and a flowering Peacock!
Hangzhou 021

My sister's favorite shot... Why?  Because it's PINK of course!
Hangzhou 027

The Leifeng tower in the background and one of the arching bridges, a part of the Su Causeway.
Hangzhou 031

More flowering cherry trees on this misty day...
Hangzhou 032

Some Chinese tourist, taking a picture of his girl...
Hangzhou 037

And here are some more males, trying to impress their girls!
Hangzhou 041 Hangzhou 062

Cara found ANOTHER flowering tree.  Come ON CARA!!  It's time to go!
Hangzhou 067

This lady was a tourist who got dressed up to have her picture taken by her family.  She was nice enough to pose for me too!  Two fingers up!
Hangzhou 068

Here's her little girl!
Hangzhou 075

And the two together. So cute!
Hangzhou 078

Another peacock we saw, prancing in the park.
Hangzhou 079

Another Japanese maple in the park.
Hangzhou 081

Now we go to the Police Station to register Cara and Shawn, and where they're staying.  If you don't see a blog entry tomorrow, maybe we're all in the klink!

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Anonymous said...

So glad Cara and Shawn survived the airplane trip in such fine shape! Gorgeous blossoms and great pictures Tim!!!! So glad you all are having so much fun! Love to you all! Mom