Friday, April 25, 2008

The Tunxi Grottos

After we finished our shopping in Old Town, we went to the Tunxi Grottos (Hua Shan Mi Ku), a series of underground granite caves that were made hundreds of years ago, but no one knows why.  Tons upons tons of stone had been removed, but it is unclear where it all went!

Since that time, it has been made into a recreational area where you can explore the grottos, do some archery, boating, etc.  Jack and Sophie started off by getting a ride to the suspension bridge which is the entrance to the Grottos.
Yellow Mountain 075

Yellow Mountain 073    Yellow Mountain 074

Yellow Mountain 089

Peter and Anita followed suit in a less fancy, but higher speed contraption. 
Yellow Mountain 077

This stocky woman could MOVE!
Yellow Mountain 082

Rebecca and Sue also got a ride, while I ran along side and took some pictures.
Yellow Mountain 081

   Next we crossed a suspension bridge to enter the grotto area...

Yellow Mountain 092 Yellow Mountain 094

Peter and Jack exploring the underground grottos...
Yellow Mountain 095

Blond-headed Jack, emerging from the cave.
Yellow Mountain 098

The next feature of this recreational area was a large pond.  We asked to take the small boats, but it was near the end of the day so they took us on a larger boat.
Yellow Mountain 099

Here's the inside of the boat we took instead...
Yellow Mountain 102

Sue and Sophie, enjoying a warm afternoon on the lake.
Yellow Mountain 105

Sue, Anita and Rebecca also enjoyed the afternoon sun on this little swing near the lake. 
Yellow Mountain 110

Jack found an oar in a boat and had fun splashing and playing.  He gets SO much attention here in China due to his blond hair.  I wonder if he will miss that attention or not back in America?!
Yellow Mountain 114
Sophie loved climbing around on the rocks, but she did encounter some mud!
Yellow Mountain 111

LEFT: Anita next to the lake, and RIGHT:  Sophie slipped and fell in some mud and her bottom got VERY muddy.  So we had to place tissue where ever she sat (on the boat, in the cab, etc.) until we could get back to the hotel to change her.
Yellow Mountain 113    Yellow Mountain 118

A farmer tending to one of his beasts as the sun sets...
Yellow Mountain 132

Yellow Mountain 128

A beautiful sunset in the Tunxi valley...
Yellow Mountain 127

On our way back to the taxi, the boys spotted this "gun range" outfitted with pressure guns that shoot tennis balls.  How could we NOT stop??     Yellow Mountain 135

A gunner's view of the range.  A load of tennis balls, an air compressor and 10 yuan.  What more could a boy want??
Yellow Mountain 136

Both boys, firing their guns at will...
Yellow Mountain 141 Yellow Mountain 142

All of us spectators, cheering them on.
Yellow Mountain 144

The boys enjoyed all of the green grass and the place to run like wild animals (which they are on the inside) :)
Yellow Mountain 145

Sophie also loved to run, and Anita and Rebecca were both SO GOOD about running after her all the time!  I think they will get their workout tomorrow on Yellow Mountain!
Yellow Mountain 149     Yellow Mountain 152


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

Great Blog once again! Looks like Yellow Mountain is a beautiful place. I can see why you wanted to visit there. It's also nice to see that Anita and Rebecca could join you! I'll have to e-mail them and tell them I saw them on your website!

I've given your website out to more of my friends and co-workers and everyone just raves about it as usual!

Love, Cara

weaties said...

Hey guys, it is your long lost brother Dan. You were probably wondering if I am still around, but rest assured, I anxiously look forward to every blog posting you make. The picture of Jack coming out of the Groto is simply stunning.

Your day on Yellow mountain looks like it was just fabulous. What spectacular scenery!

Brother Dan.