Friday, April 25, 2008

Yellow Mountain town of Tunxi

We woke up at 6am to get ready and make the bus for Tunxi, a 3 hour ride away, at the base of Yellow Mountain (Huang Shan) in Anhui province.  Huang Shan is one of the most spectacular scenic areas in China, on the scale of the Grand Canyon in the U.S.

As I mentioned previously I was very concerned about going there without a hotel reservation especially with the 3 kids, and calling ahead I found NOTHING available.  Finally I found a Chinese website that had a local phone number.  I called and they said to fill out an online registration form and they would call me back.  During our bus ride, they called me back telling me they had found us rooms in the town of Tunxi, not far from Yellow Mountain.  WHEW!  They were "2 star" hotels meaning that you couldn't see the other 3 stars due to all of the grime and grunge, but it was a place to sleep so we overlooked the faults.  The stained carpets and traffic noise did not keep us from sleeping, although Sophie did, as usual!

After dropping our bags, we were off to see the Old Town.  Here's Sophie arriving in the cab.

Yellow Mountain 001

Some of the buildings in this old town are more than 200 years old - however they were adorned with Chinese lanterns emblazoned with the Coca-Cola symbol!
Yellow Mountain 032

Some of the many treasures and shops we saw...
 Yellow Mountain 015

Sue went crazy over all of the cool art supplies, ready for purchase if you're willing to haggle!
Yellow Mountain 021

Decorative lighting on every street corner and building.  So festive!
 Yellow Mountain 010   Yellow Mountain 013

Qiu Dan Ling "Anita" and Wu Pei Zhen "Rebecca", two of our friends who are English majors at our university accompanied us on this trip.  It was WONDERFUL to have them along as they were so helpful in buying tickets, hiring drivers, helping with Sophie, and making everything run smoothly!

Yellow Mountain 027
LEFT: Our friend Anita.  RIGHT: A store selling lots of interesting objets d'art.
 Yellow Mountain 014Yellow Mountain 159

A view of the Old Town street.
Yellow Mountain 012

More sights of Old Town...
Yellow Mountain 016

Sue and Sophie taking in the sights.  Many kinds of fungi and tea for sale!
Yellow Mountain 024  Yellow Mountain 017

 Yellow Mountain 025  Yellow Mountain 030

Yellow Mountain 029

Sophie loved seeing all of the toys to play with that were down at her level...
Yellow Mountain 028

Sophie found these two HUGE stuffed-animals which are characters invented for the 2008 Beijing Oympics.  They are "Bei-Bei" and "Huan-Huan".  There are five of these characters in all, "Bei-Bei", "Jing-Jing", "Huan-Huan",  and "Ying-Ying" and "Ni-Ni" which form the saying "Beijing Huan Ying Ni" or "Beijing Welcomes You!".Yellow Mountain 036

We ate at a local restaurant in old town (3 times because the kids liked it there), and they made a special flat-bread rolled out and fried with chocolate and butter.  Delicious!Yellow Mountain 008

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