Monday, April 21, 2008

Beishan Hike

On this very misty/rainy day we spent the first half of the day doing home-schooling activities; math, geography and writing.  Although it was still pretty wet when we finished, we headed out to lunch and then on a hike over Beishan mountain.

Our goal was to find Manao Temple. We started off our hike from this park's trailhead...
Hangzhou 029

Up the hill we went through the mist!
Hangzhou 051

At the top of the hill was an inviting entrance to a little teahouse.  But the boys aren't interested in tea, so on we went.
Hangzhou 033Hangzhou 058

Jack went "off trail" for a little bit to really get close to nature!
Hangzhou 035 Hangzhou 053
We found this millipede in the path, so the boys looked at it awhile.
Hangzhou 042

They decided it would eventually get crushed if it stayed there for long, so they moved it off into the bushes with a stick.
Hangzhou 043

Looking up at the clouds and mist through the trees...
 Hangzhou 059

When we got to the temple area, it was close to time to get Sophie, so we never actually went in!  I allowed the boys to vote to either see the temple or get ice cream.  Guess which one they picked!?!  We'll try again another day.

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marksfour said...

This blog has been most enjoyable and as stated in a previous comment, our daughter is studying in Hangzhou and your perspective and places you visit are wonderful! We get a better feel for Hangzhou and hope DD finds time to visit some of these marvelous discoveries :)