Thursday, April 10, 2008

Three Pools Mirroring the Moon

Today Cara, Shawn, Sue and the kids boated to an island in the middle of West Lake called, "Three Pools Mirroring the Moon".  The pools on the island reflected a warm, sunny day for a change.  We have had so much rain lately, with more expected for the next 3 days!

Hangzhou 046

On the boat between the West Lake islands.
Hangzhou 016

My 3 monkeys, hanging out in a tree on the island.
 Hangzhou 057

Hangzhou 071

The sisters-in-law enjoying a sunny day!
Hangzhou 074

Sue decided to keep Sophie home today since she still seemed to have a bad cold, but it seems to have gotten much better today and she's back to her old self.
Hangzhou 092

One of the best places to get American food in Hangzhou is the local "Hooters" restaurant.  Shawn somehow got Peter and Jack to pose with  him and the Hooters girls.

Hangzhou 088

Next, I came home from work, and we were off to the Lingyin Temple.  Some of the pretty faces we saw...
Hangzhou 103 Hangzhou 104

The Lingyin temple is one of the top 10 temples in China - they make lots of money from tourism and the grounds are gorgeous and immaculate.
Hangzhou 108

Gratuitous Spring flower shot...
Hangzhou 109

The entry-way of one of the temple rooms.  No photography allowed inside.  Darn!
Hangzhou 113

As you climb the hill behind the temple, you can look across the rooflines to the mountains beyond.
Hangzhou 115

LEFT: An interesting, colorful doorway in the temple, and RIGHT: a smoking urn, where people deposit the remains of their incense after using it in their prayers.
Hangzhou 116 Hangzhou 124

LEFT: This little bug shows he means business with his red colorations, and RIGHT: Sue waits patiently for me to take a picture of a little red bug.
Hangzhou 126 Hangzhou 130

Dragons and other creatures adorn this temple at every turn!
Hangzhou 129

I took this picture inside one of the temple rooms from outside.  The head of this statue must be at least 10 feet tall.  The room in which this figure sits (with 2 more of the same size sitting beside her)  is enormous!
Hangzhou 137

More decorations around the temple grounds...
Hangzhou 139

Hangzhou 140

Hangzhou 142

Cara has a bit of a cold so she opted to stay near the bottom with Sophie and Sue while we climbed all of the stairs to the top.
Hangzhou 143

Shawn and Cara having a rest in a little pagoda at the temple.
Hangzhou 146

Some Chinese style graffiti that someone carved into a bamboo tree, with the temple roofline in the background.
Hangzhou 150

The front of the Lingyin Temple main room.  Lots of people there on this Thursday afternoon, but thankfully it was not the weekend!
 Hangzhou 155

More evidence of Spring in Lingyin! 
Hangzhou 156

Tomorrow we will try to hit the silk market, and maybe a hike, weather allowing.  Then tomorrow night I will take Cara and Shawn back to Shanghai for the long flight home!  I think they are ready to go back after an eventful schedule and the hectic pace in China!

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