Monday, April 7, 2008

Shanghai Nights - Day 2

We went back to Nanjing Dong Lu at night, expecting a great show of lights and we were not disappointed!  Here we are, the Birthday Twins in downtown Shanghai!

Shanghai 168

Closeups of some of the street signs...
Shanghai 159 Shanghai 161

My sister, Cara, was amazed to see her name in lights!  Quite a rarity!
Shanghai 160

Cara, Shawn and Peter pose for me in the middle of all of the lit buildings...
Shanghai 164

Cara and Peter in front of the Coke bottle again, this time, all lit up!
Shanghai 166

We saw many more dazzling lights as we strolled down Nanjing Dong Lu!
 Shanghai 169

Shanghai 170

Shanghai 182

Nanjing Dong Lu ends at the Huang Pu river, "The Bund", where we tried to peer through the fog across the river to the giant, modern buildings.
Shanghai 187

A couple of tourist riverboats make their way up the river through the fog.
Shanghai 194

We're hoping for better weather tomorrow, on our last day in Shanghai!  It's warm (about 60 degrees) but fairly smoggy - hopefully it will burn off tomorrow!

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