Sunday, April 13, 2008

Botanical Garden Nose Meat

This Sunday afternoon, the boys and I went back to the Botanical Gardens to get out of the city noise and traffic for awhile.  Sophie has continued to have a cold and cough so we kept her home all day to rest.  We don't know if she'll go to school tomorrow or not!  The Botanical Gardens are said to contain monkeys, but these were the only two I saw:

Hangzhou 001

Many people in the gardens were harvesting some sort of greens to eat.  We couldn't tell what was edible from what wasn't, of course, but they sure could!
Hangzhou 004

The flowering plum trees are pretty much finished now, but many other kinds of flowers were in bloom!
Hangzhou 005

Jack found many spotted moths on the flowers, so he posed with this one.
Hangzhou 016

LEFT: An old sign post next to the path we were walking on, and RIGHT: A wooden bridge crossing a quiet pond.
Hangzhou 032 Hangzhou 013

Jack caught a lizard that was very willing to bite anything they put near it.  Then we got a great idea.  "Hey, let's see if it will bite someone's nose!"  Peter volunteered.  Jack, surprisingly would have no part of his nose in the lizard's grip.Hangzhou 045

After the lizard incident, we hiked to the top of the hill to find a beautiful tea house in the trees.
Hangzhou 052

Inside the teahouse courtyard...
Hangzhou 057 Hangzhou 058 Hangzhou 059

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Bob & Amy said...

LOVED the lizard nose nibble. I thought it was a leach at first, I was glad to see it was planned & a lizard!! Too funny!