Friday, April 4, 2008

A Sick Day in China

Day 5 in China and Cara and Shawn have been totally incapacitated by some kind of food poisoning or adjustment to the strange food.  They have been taking turns spending the day (and night) in the bathroom and haven't been able to keep any food down until this afternoon.  Sue started throwing up tonight, and my stomach's feeling a little strange so I really hope I'm not next!

Being the kindly husband and brother I am, I haven't taken any pictures of them in their current state of funk, so here are some other pictures of some things they have done the past few days.

Cara and Shawn in front of the Leifang Tower turtle pond...
Hangzhou 008

... and to prove it's a turtle pond, here's one of its inhabitants!

Hangzhou 003

Since I was working that day, Sue was their tour guide, and she didn't get (too) lost.
Hangzhou 010

A little pagoda hidden in the woods near the Leifang tower.
Hangzhou 056

Everything is so GREEN here!
Hangzhou 060

Cara and Shawn enjoyed an authentic Chinese lunch by the pond.  They had dumplings, green-beans and shredded pork for lunch.  Yum!  They passed on the duck tongue and turtle.
Hangzhou 073

One of the local beers, the West Lake beer, proudly advertises that it is free from formaldehyde!  Bonus!
Hangzhou 075

At the Jinci temple Cara and Shawn saw many interesting sights...
Hangzhou 090

... and they enjoyed the bamboo forest at the Hangzhou Flower Nursery.
Hangzhou 106

Shawn had my camera and he or Sue took all of these nice shots.  Sue had to wait for Shawn to take the pictures for a change, instead of me :).
Hangzhou 117 Hangzhou 119

A couple of extra shots from the party... Francesco and I were hiding under one of the cake lids.
Hangzhou 165

I was trying to smear some cake on Cara, but she played defense!
Hangzhou 210

We are nursing Cara and Shawn back to health.  We are supposed to go to Shanghai tomorrow but we're not sure if everyone will be up to it!


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twoksmommy said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on our good friends Shawnee & Cara. We've enjoyed watching their trip through your blog. Give them some Pepto-Bismol and tell them to enjoy the rest of the trip. Please tell them that we miss them and we can't wait to see their pictures and here the stories when they get back to the great Pacific Northwest.
Don, Jo, Kylee & Kelsey