Sunday, March 9, 2008

A New Addition to the Family

The weather is getting warmer, and this week the Plum blossoms are in bloom - it's so nice to see flowers and greenery again!
Hangzhou 051

At Wushan square there was a huge festival going on.  We stopped by to do a few rides and look in all of the stalls to see what wares were for sale.
Hangzhou 001

Peter and Sue, checking out the rides on this warm, sunny day.
 Hangzhou 008

The latest Spring fashion - short shorts with thigh high stockings and high-heels.  Provocative!
Hangzhou 013

Some kind of bakery item for sale with different fillings...
 Hangzhou 015

... and dried, salted fish also available!
Hangzhou 016

This man was also making some kind of bread and putting on quite a show of pounding it.  The pounding was drawing quite a crowd.
Hangzhou 018

Raisins for sale!
Hangzhou 019

The crowd was enormous and we were the only white faces in a sea of Chinese.  Many people stopped to stare at us!
Hangzhou 022

There's Sophie, surveying the crowd.  "Hi Dad!"
Hangzhou 024

Sweets for sale!  The boys didn't see these but were bummed out when I showed them this picture later.  "I can't believe we missed those!"
Hangzhou 027

The boys did however stop at the knife stall to look over all of the dangerous weapons.  Cool!
Hangzhou 031

We stopped at the pet/bird/fish/flower market, which is always good gawking.  One thing that is big here, for a pet, are crickets.  Here's a giant cricket available for about $10 US!  Why anyone would want such a noisemaker in their home is beyond me, but it is BIG business here!
 Hangzhou 033

This shop sold cricket houses, cricket water dishes, cricket baskets, and all manner of other things cricket.  Some parts of China I will never understand!
Hangzhou 037

BIG NEWS - we have a new family member, "Blackjack".  Jack's 11th birthday is coming up in a few days, and he REALLY wanted a pet.  Since we've been through the salamander fiasco, the rat fiasco, the hamster fiasco, the bird fiasco and the hermit crab fiasco with Jack, we thought it would be about time for a rabbit fiasco.  Usually Jack has done a great job taking care of his various pets for about a week, and then I end up having to complain endlessly about the smell, which falls on deaf ears.  Then I end up cleaning up the mess of whatever the critter of the day is.  Now that Jack is 11 however and so much the more RESPONSIBLE, we thought we'd try it again!
Hangzhou 040

The rabbit is quite lucky to have us, I must say, because we bought him a huge cage, by Chinese standards.  Most cages for a rabbit this size would be slightly bigger in volume than the rabbit's body itself, so our rabbit has a veritable mansion.  However, he does have three children to contend with, so life isn't all roses.
Hangzhou 042

Of course Sue is a big kid too, and she LOVES that little rabbit!  Here's "Blackjack", saying, "HELP!"
Hangzhou 045

Here's Blackjack saying, "Don't EAT ME!"
Hangzhou 046

We went down to the lake with some friends today, where Jack looked for more critters with his net.  I guess 1 rabbit and 800 tadpoles just isn't enough!
Hangzhou 048

(LEFT) Jack and "Blackjack", and (RIGHT) Sophie levitating over a patch of green grass, squirt bottle in hand.
Hangzhou 050  Hangzhou 055

There's a small aquarium here, that's actually pretty good.  We were looking at the fish exhibits, when this guy went by with a bowl of 4" square cubes of meat and some fruit.  We followed him and found this polar bear in a cage. See what I mean about cage sizes?
Hangzhou 058

A seal getting his dinner...
Hangzhou 067

Another end to a relaxing weekend, as we prepare to introduce "Blackjack" to his new home.

Hangzhou 061

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Bob & Amy said...

Blackjack is so cute!! How will he handle the flight home? =) I'm sure you'll have another home ready for him by then. What great spring photos! I can't wait to see Sue in the new Spring Fashion. Very provocative indeed!!
The Mahers