Saturday, March 8, 2008

Letters on Their Way

On this rainy Saturday morning, Sue and I donned our waterproof ponchos and bicycled over to the post office to mail off the letters from our students to their pen-pals in America.

We scrupulously filled out all of the paperwork, paid our money, and packaged 120 letters apiece into boxes - one box for Abia Judd Elementary, and one box for Mile High Middle School.

Hangzhou 083Hangzhou 082

This is another one of my classes that sent letters to Ms. Corbett's class at Abia Judd Ementary.  This is my class of advanced English students.  This class will stay with me for another 8 weeks, then they'll finish with their English studies.  At that point I'll get another group of students that will just be starting their Masters programs!
Hangzhou 048

On the home front, we're raising tadpoles as our science experiment.  After harvesting hundreds of frog eggs from a local pond, they have now grown into some thriving tadpoles. So far we're raising them on a diet of frozen lettuce, which is the food of choice according to the internet.  Apparently freezing the lettuce breaks down the cell structure of the leaf and makes it easier for our hungry little grandchildren to digest.  In another few weeks we should have about 1000 frogs hopping around our apartment.  I can't wait! :)

Hangzhou 050

Some of the other teachers came over from school today to play some RISK and eat pizza.  Sue and I realized that these newly graduated college kids are closer to Peter and Jack's age than our own! Omigod!

   Hangzhou 085
It has continued to be cold at school - last week was a high of 47 degrees Fahrenheit, and according to the Chinese mentality, fresh air is very important so the classroom windows are left WIDE OPEN with no heat.  So the classroom is definitely on the cool side!  According to local weather however, we will have a high on Tuesday of 76 degrees, which we're really excited about!

Next week is also Jack's 11th birthday, and he wants to stay in a hotel with a BATHTUB and have a soak, so we'll try to put that together this week. 

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