Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Looking for Critters

Jack wasn't feeling well so Sue took Peter out to explore China while I taught.  Jack was perfectly happy to stay home and play with his new rabbit! 

Peter and Sue found this little stand where a candy artist was creating critters out of spun sugar.

Hangzhou 012

Peter bought this beautifully sculpted bird for about 80 cents, US.  It took the artist over a minute to create it!
Hangzhou 015 Hangzhou 017

There's our laundry, up on the top floor getting dry in the warm afternoon sun - it was about 75 degrees today - so nice!
Hangzhou 019 Hangzhou 020

They also stopped by the park to check out the local aquatic life again.  Peter now has an extension net about 12" in diameter that works well to catch critters.
Hangzhou 021

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