Monday, March 3, 2008

A Workday Sendoff

Jack decided to go with Sue to work again today, so Sophie and I accompanied them to the local noodle shop for breakfast before putting them on the bus to work.

Here's Sophie - awake and ready at any time of day!

Hangzhou 004

Some neighborhood scenes:  (LEFT) Here's a guy getting a close haircut from a barber without a barber shop.  This barber is there most weekdays and seems to do a pretty good business.  A quick and cheap way to get a haircut (less than $1 US!).  (RIGHT) We sat in a noodle shop this morning before the bus came to get Sue and Jack for work.  It's convenient because the bus stops right out front.
Hangzhou 007 Hangzhou 010

The bus came, but it turned right from the center lane and clipped a taxi.  After the damage was sorted out, the bus finally picked up Sue and Jack.
Hangzhou 012
Turning right from the center lane (or left from the right lane) seems to be a fairly normal occurrence, where the driver's wishes are communicated to the world through insistent horn blasts.  The more likely a crash, the more insistent the horn blasts become!    After the crash occurs, the horn blasts of the two tangled cars stop, but then everyone else starts honking their horns because now they have to wait for the mess to get cleared up!  How many crashes have we seen?  Too many to count!

Here's Jack, in the classroom today with some of Sue's students.  I'm not sure how many marriage proposals he received today :).
 Hangzhou 020 Hangzhou 021

The students wrote letters to American students in class, and now they have them ready to mail!  They're holding up the letters that are ready to send!

Hangzhou 013

We hope to collect all our students' letters and get them in the mail early next week, and back in the U.S. kids' hands soon!


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Bob & Amy said...

Hello there! Julia wishes she could go frogging with the boys. We took Lucy to Juanita Beach Park yesterday. It was HILARIOUS. She ran patrol the length of the beach at least 100 times. She waded out trying to catch ducks, then ran back on the beach to chase birds, then up and down the beach. We were laughing so hard. And she looked so funny with skinny wet legs and big puffy back & head. She was matted with sand so we gave her a bath & hair dry at home. Julia was in heaven. Bob even "primped" her hair and teased it into fluff oblivion. I've never seen her run so hard in one day. She was POOPED and crashed hard afterwards. We miss you guys!
The Mahers