Saturday, March 15, 2008

Falling in the Mud

After a morning home of kids and lesson planning for next week, we headed out to the Maya Bar for lunch.  We ordered a beer and a margarita with lunch, and we received a very LARGE beer and a PITCHER of margaritas with 5 glasses (since there are 5 in our family?)  Maybe that's why Sue and Sophie are smiling so big!

 Hangzhou 015

Jack and Sue at the Maya Bar...
Hangzhou 016

Aah, the best parental aid known to mankind...
Hangzhou 017

We had decided to go on a little hike, and on our walk to the start of the hike, we ran into our friends, Tim and Fang. 

Sue and Fang in the park near Yellow Dragon Cave.
Hangzhou 023

Jack saw some crawdads in the water and decided to reach for one and... FELL IN!  He lost his shoe in knee-deep mud, so he had to plunge his arms in to search for the missing shoe.
Hangzhou 026 Hangzhou 027

Sue tried to help Jack with the aftermath.  It would be a long walk home and no cab would take him like this!
Hangzhou 035

Pulling off the muddy clothes...  Jack said, "well, at least this will be good blogging material!"
Hangzhou 037

"Hey Daddy, look at that muddy American boy over there..."
Hangzhou 039

Peter with our friends Tim and Fang...
Hangzhou 043

A beautiful old tree in the park...
Hangzhou 044

... and a beautiful young girl in the park :)
Hangzhou 046

At the start of our hike, at the park entrance.
Hangzhou 050

Some of the bamboo on the hike...
Hangzhou 052

A worker in the field, harvesting some tea leaves.  Now is the best time of the year for tea harvesting; especially the famous Long Jing (Dragon's Well) Tea.
Hangzhou 058

We were walking down the sidewalk and heard lots of honking.  We turned to find that the traffic had consumed the sidewalk!  Most of the sidewalks have planter boxes on them so that cars aren't able to drive on them.  These ones, sadly, were lacking.
Hangzhou 067

We stopped at a gorgeous tea-house and had some tea, chicken soup, and other snacks.
 Hangzhou 068

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