Friday, March 28, 2008

Made our Mark in the Park

Sophie really wanted to ride her bicycle today, so she rode ALL THE WAY to the park, while I walked behind and guided her away from traffic.

After a couple of hours riding in the park, she informed me that she had to go "pee pee"!  "Now!" There's not much of a warning period with a 3-year-old.

"No problem," I said, always the calm father. We rode over to the park bathroom.  LOCKED!
Home was a long ways away, so mortified as I was, we did the Chinese thing and I had Sophie squat in the nicely mowed park grass.  I had seen other kids do this,so I thought, "Why not?  When in Rome..."  Sophie has none of the social hang-ups that I have, so she was pleased to be able to pee-pee some place novel and public.
Of course I only allowed her to go there after Phase 1 -  PROMISING that it was ONLY "pee pee".  Just to make sure, I made her promise again 2 times.  She looked very earnest when she was promising. 
We moved onto Phase 2 - the Pulling Down of the Pants in Public, which made her laugh, and caught the ear of several people as they walked by on the path.
Finally Phase 3 - the making of the pee-pee while I held her little arms so she wouldn't fall backwards in her squat position. 
As I gazed into her face, firmly grasping her arms, I noticed tears in her eyes, accompanied by a little grunt. WHY? 
When she stood up again, I was shocked to see the biggest PILE that I have seen her make in weeks - right there on the lawn of this nicely groomed park.  The people on the path were nice enough to avert there eyes while I cleaned her up, and made a quick exit.
If I had been Chinese it wouldn't have been so bad, but everyone knows the white guy with the Chinese daughter, and I'm sure they'll be talking about whose pile that is for weeks to come.  I'm not going back there until after the next big rain.


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Anonymous said...

When you gotta go Dad you gotta go! I'm still laughing! In the USA we at least find a bush or tree to hide behind!!
Cara called last night and she is excited to come. Shawn drove his kitties all the way to Yakima for safe care and then drove home all in one day!
Have a fun birthday with your twin sister and I'll be watching the blog!!! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Great story Tim - but where are the pictures? I KNOW you had your camera with you!!! :)
Can't wait for you guys to get home! It looks gorgeous where you're at and i bet your glad for fair skies and beautiful surroundings. Enjoy!

Bob & Amy said...

Yeah Sophie! You are my hero babe!