Friday, March 14, 2008

Jack's 11th Birthday

We went to one of Jack's favorite restaurants for lunch, and then walked along West Lake and enjoyed the Spring weather.  Here's 11 year old Jack!  After I took this picture, he informed me he had a loose tooth.  We numbed his mouth with Haagen-Das ice cream and then I yanked it out of his mouth.  Even though he's 11 now, he's not above believing in the Tooth Fairy if it turns into a cash generation opportunity!

Hangzhou 012

Jack and Peter at the park...
Hangzhou 013

I told the waiter that it was Jack's birthday, and they brought us this beautiful fruit plate with whipped cream and a candle on top...
Hangzhou 008

Some of Jack's presents, which were wrapped with paper that Sue painted.
Hangzhou 004

Peter got Jack this rabbit, "Blackjack" for his birthday, which I showed in a previous blog, however Jack's not the only one that loves Blackjack!
Hangzhou 001

Sophie's toys tend to expand all available space - which in this apartment, isn't much!
Hangzhou 002    

Sophie, Jack and I all had a bad chest-cold the past few days and we've been hacking like crazy, but I'm happy to report that the hacking has subsided and we're getting healthy again! Poor Sue had to take care of 3 of us at once, AND she kept Sophie home from school while I was teaching those days, so she gets extra kudos!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birtbhday, Jack! Looks like you had a fun day! Shawn and I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks! :) Sue, I love the birthday paper you painted. Very nice!

Love, Aunt Cara

Anonymous said...

Yes Sue, Pete and I were VERY IMPRESSED with your birthday paper. You can teach me when you come home! I can hardly wait! Love, Kathy