Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beishan Mountain Hike

Now that Spring has arrived in earnest, we used the opportunity to hike over the mountain on foot, down to West Lake.Hangzhou 039

Sometimes, Sophie forged on ahead.  Other times, she had other ideas and would pout until one of us carried her.  This is her typical pouting stance. OK, I guess it's back on the shoulders!
Hangzhou 034Hangzhou 186

When she pouts, I feel like I should use a sword like this guy's, and prod her along.  However, he was in the middle of doing some beautiful Tai Chi, so I didn't think I should ask him.
 Hangzhou 036

She did find a spot of water though where she could go "fishing", so she was instantly back to her happy self!
Hangzhou 040

Peter takes a breather on the way up...
Hangzhou 042

A nice flowery meadow interspersed with bamboo...
Hangzhou 044

Peter borrowed the camera to take a picture of Mom and Dad.
Hangzhou 046

Aah, finally near the top, and looking out over a portion of West Lake...

Hangzhou 049

Peter and Jack, enjoying the view.
Hangzhou 051

At the top!  Taking a break with the kids...
Hangzhou 187

Looking back at the big city, the way we came.  It's so nice to have all of this nature around a bustling city!
Hangzhou 053

Up on the hill, we came across a beautiful monastery.  Forty yuan later, and we were IN!
Hangzhou 056

An urn to burn incense...
Hangzhou 057 Hangzhou 058

Very clean, beautifully decorated!
Hangzhou 062 Hangzhou 072

Hangzhou 063

The staff took an instant liking to Sophie and showed her the local wildlife, including this dog, a talking Mynah bird and some caged rabbits.
Hangzhou 065

Hangzhou 077

A warm, sunny courtyard overlooking the lake and the city.
Hangzhou 069

Definitely a dragon motif at this monastery!  On the roofs! 
Hangzhou 073

... the door panels...
Hangzhou 075

... and even the edges of the buildings!
Hangzhou 082

The boys enjoyed exploring some of the monastery's passage-ways, and then descending the other side of the mountain.
Hangzhou 084 Hangzhou 193

Our hike finally dropped us down onto Beishan Lu, and we walked along the promenade on the north side of West Lake.  When walking along the lake, cotton candy is required nourishment!
Hangzhou 112

Sophie LOVES being carried by her big brother!
Hangzhou 091

The Bei Causeway was jam-packed with tourists and city-folk on this beautiful (Easter) Sunday!
Hangzhou 101 Hangzhou 108

The boys found some willow vines and made crowns for themselves.
Hangzhou 116

I caught these two girls taking pictures of us, the funny looking Westerners, so I took one of them in return which made them laugh.
Hangzhou 115

Some of the gorgeous blossoms that are blooming everywhere.
Hangzhou 119

The wind was whipping up, so all of the willows new growth waved in the strong breeze off the water.
Hangzhou 122

The waves from West Lake were washing over the pagoda's floor, so we all went out there to get our feet wet, and be photographed by hundreds of Chinese.
Hangzhou 126

More beautiful flowering trees at the Xihu Tiandi.
Hangzhou 128

Though a little hazy, the sun felt so good - about 72 degrees with a strong breeze today!
Hangzhou 132

A silhouette of the Xihu Tiandi bridge in the late afternoon sun...
Hangzhou 134

I don't often see people with Sophie's level of energy, but this girl was one of them!  She ran around and around and AROUND playing with this kite.Hangzhou 141

Here she goes, on the maiden voyage!
Hangzhou 148

Meanwhile, Peter and Jack took to the fun game of whipping each other with willow switches.  Peter's finally found purchase on Jack's flesh, so here's Peter apologizing.  They were whipping each other again 30 seconds later.
Hangzhou 144

Here's a little girl that Sophie met.  Notice the buns hanging out of the back of the pants, for the sake of convenience. Also notice that she is wearing what is akin to a snowsuit on a day that's in the low 70's.  So Chinese!
Hangzhou 147

Looking back across the lake towards the western part of the city where we live.  Did we walk all that way?  Whew!
 Hangzhou 162

More willow trees along the promenade, being pulled by the wind.
Hangzhou 164

The windblown willows, as they reflect the light of the setting sun.
Hangzhou 165

And finally, an end to a wonderful, sunny day in China!
Hangzhou 174


Bob & Amy said...

Hi there - we loved your photos today. What a beautiful day in China! We are having a very wet Easter so the egg hunt was indoors this morning. Thanks for the beautiful photos - loved every one!!
Take care,
The Mahers

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Mary

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Anonymous said...

Hello Lewis Family, Thank you for the spectacular photos and blog. What wonderful views of in NY State the ground is still frozen and it is sunny but cold. So glad you are able to enjoy the beutiful weather and parks. Sincerely, Scott Family