Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Grand Canal

As I mentioned in the last blog entry, the Grand Canal is a man-made canal that goes from Hanzhou all the way to Beijing - the largest man-made canal ever built!  As I taught today, Sue took the boys along with Stefania to visit the Grand Canal museum and have a boat ride.

Some cherry blossoms in full bloom on the way to the canal...
Hangzhou 005

(LEFT) Stefania posing with Sophie, and (RIGHT), some trinkets and treasures for sale on the canal bridge.
Hangzhou 006 Hangzhou 008

The kids on top of the canal bridge, ostensibly to wait their turn to ride on a boat.  What they were really doing was dropping popcorn on passing barges trying to hit various targets as they passed by.  Naughty Naughty!

 Hangzhou 011

This  man was selling kettle-corn, puffed rice, and some other types of grain.  He would put the grain inside this small barrel and add water, salt and sugar.  Next, he'd stoke the fire with more coal and wait for popping!  He had a billows (the box on the left) that would heat the fire.  Then he'd call out a warning to cover your ears and BOOM, the popcorn would fire into a windsock type contraption!
Hangzhou 017

Some scenes from the canal...
Hangzhou 018

Peter and Jack on the canal bridge, and Jack being silly, enjoying some popcorn.
Hangzhou 019 Hangzhou 046

The "Chinese" looking building is actually a giant houseboat.
Hangzhou 049

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