Saturday, March 1, 2008

Helping Sue at School

The boys went to school on Friday to help Sue teach her freshmen.  On the way there, they saw all of these double-decker school buses lined up outside our apartment waiting to take the grade-schoolers away!  There are HUNDREDS of students here in the morning and afternoon crowding the streets with their parents on bicycles, so that cars can't get through.  Can't imagine what it would be like if all of those parents came in cars!
Hangzhou 007

Once at school, the boys stopped by one of the other teacher's apartments to do some gaming.  Awesome!
 Hangzhou 008

Jack in class, helping a couple of students with their English lesson...
 Hangzhou 011

Peter read a story for the class...
Hangzhou 012

Some of the girls, reading their letters from the 8th graders at Mile High.
Hangzhou 013
This weekend, "Rebecca" and "Anita" came back to our apartment for some games.  We taught them how to play Monopoly.
  Hangzhou 023
Hangzhou 036

Here are Peter and Jack, teamed up, but LOSING BIG to Rebecca (right) who got the hang of the game right away.  She is very good with money in real life and it definitely helped her in Monopoly!
Hangzhou 025 Hangzhou 022

Sunny and 60 degrees outside, so we made a trek to the local park.
Hangzhou 026 Hangzhou 027

The pond at the park contained dozens of frogs, which the boys really enjoyed harassing.  They caught several and released them.  We left the park with only a bowl full of frog eggs that we will use for our home-schooling experiments. "Hey boys, what do they TASTE like? " :)
Hangzhou 028 Hangzhou 030

Next, it was off to our favorite Japanese noodle restaurant - Sophie was grumpy and wouldn't eat, so Dad SPOILED her with a root beer float.  Way to reward bad behavior, DAD!!
 Hangzhou 032 Hangzhou 034

We bought a cake to celebrate our 7th MONTH in China, and we didn't want to carry it all that way on foot, so Sue, Sophie and Jack hired a pedi-cab (a 3 wheeled motorcycle made into a small taxi) back to our apartment while the rest of us walked back.
Hangzhou 035 

Jack is surreptitiously learning and speaking Chinese.  He was in the store the other day with Sue and needed a restroom BADLY.  So he interrupted the conversation between Sue, struggling to remember the word for bathroom,  and the clerk, and asked where the bathroom was himself, in great Chinese :).   Oh the things pressure will do!

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