Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Tortoise and the Hare

Yes, our friend "Anita" gave Jack a turtle, so now we truly have a "tortoise and a hare".  We set them on their own to wander our little apartment last night.  For those of you gamblers out there - the hare really is faster :).
Hangzhou 004

Hangzhou 001Our friends Enrique and Olga had an extra bicycle, so we borrowed it for Sophie, who of course LOVES IT!  She wants to go everywhere on her bicycle.  A great way to practice Chinese is as follows:
1.  Go to the park with a Chinese 3-year-old, and be a tall, white, American.
2.  Let this pink clothed wonder ride around in circles on a lime-green bicycle with training wheels.
3.  Instruct tall white American boys to go the pond to disturb aquatic life.
4.  Wait for the crowd to gather!

Our friend "Rebecca" took Sue and Sophie shopping, since Sophie's clothes are now mostly RAGS... she is very hard on them.  They found 1 sweater, 5 shirts, 3 skirts/shorts, 2 pair of jeans, 2 nighties (1 for Perrin!), and 2 summer outfits all for about $45 US!  This was all due to Rebecca's shrewd negotiating skills.  If we would have gone shopping without her, it would have cost us at least double!

Hangzhou 007  Hangzhou 009

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