Sunday, August 5, 2007

Visiting the "Wet Market"

We found lots of interesting things at the local wet market, where they sell veggies, meats, and all kinds of live animals!  Here were several vats of squirming eels!  The man let Jack hold one and it was very slippery to hold onto, but I'm sure you'll agree, it still looked delicious!

Shanghai 038

We also found a nice selection of live toads.  We hadn't had breakfast yet but still somehow they didn't whet our appetite!

Shanghai 039

Here we are at the wet market waiting looking for some breakfast.

Shanghai 040

Chillin' in our rooms during the heat of the day.

Shanghai 023 

Grading the kids' math assignments.

Shanghai 025   

Jack, Sophie, and Bei the daughter of one of the helpers of our group, waiting for class to start.

Shanghai 041 

The boys found a street vendor that was selling pets!!  Jack wanted to buy one of everything of course.  There were chipmunks, rabbits, mice, and in those little homemade cages, large crickets!  Jack really wanted to take home a cricket in a cage - just what we needed for a good night's sleep! 

I told Jack he could buy one when he's 21 and comes to China and has his own apartment for the cricket to chirp in all night!

Shanghai 045

Today, Monday, we started our first day of classes!  Sue, Peter, Jack and myself had our first Mandarin class.  Sophie stayed with the nannies.  Then Jack and Peter went back with the nannies while we went to our "Teaching English as a Foreign Language" (TEFL) course. 

We had a wonderful lunch of dumplings and rice, the combined total of which was $4 US for the 5 of us to eat!

Tonight we go back to do a tour of the neighborhood and practice our Mandarin!

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