Friday, August 31, 2007

Mixin' it up with the locals!

Some more shots of us integrating into our new life here!  This is the nice courtyard of Peter and Jack's school, and the children lining up to be dismissed for the day.   
Hangzhou 149 

Jack retrieved his bicycle and is ready to go!  The first day they only went until 11am, next week they go until 3:30.  Here's me practicing my Chinese with the locals!

Hangzhou 154 

Peter got escorted out by the English teacher.  They are taking really good care of the boys - the ONLY foreign students in the whole school!

Hangzhou 157 

Some girls are practicing their English with me, and I'm practicing my Chinese with them!  They're definitely better.

Hangzhou 158 

We went to a restaurant near the school and this boy came up to us and introduced himself in English.  He has only had 1 year of English so far, and he was very good.  He's 8 years old.

Hangzhou 159 

A laundry scene from our main bathroom.  We have no dryer so we hang everything up in there.

Hangzhou 161

I found the DVD market so Friday night was movie night.  We watched I-Robot which the boys hadn't seen and they loved it.  We sent Sophie to bed so she was none too pleased with being excluded.  That's what happens when you're the little sister!

I'm posting 2 blogs today since my next one is a big one, and I wanted to break them up.  Happy Reading!

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