Sunday, August 5, 2007

Visiting Downtown Shanghai

This afternoon (Aug 5) we visited downtown Shanghai, starting with the Shanghai museum.  The artifacts there were beautiful and incredibly old.  The oldest object I saw, this bronze urn, was dated around the 4th century BC!Shanghai 051

We stopped by the tea room in the museum and bought incredibly expensive cappuccinos and a cake - all for about $15 US, a fortune by Chinese standards (the night before we fed our whole family on $12!)

Sophie didn't want to see any go to waste so she finished up the drips in the bottom of the cup.

 Shanghai 058

Next we went to the Pearl Radio Tower (outside and inside areas shown below)

Shanghai 062  Shanghai 060 Shanghai 066

We took a stuffy, hot elevator ride to the mid section of the building where I took the shot below.  This really shows the rampant pollution here in the big city - this is supposed to be a sunny day!

Shanghai 067

 Shanghai 068 Shanghai 070 Shanghai 072

The sky then got quite threatening and strangely colored with all of the pollution...

Shanghai 074

This was taken through a bus window as the storm approached...

Shanghai 080

Then it rained, rained, rained!  We met more teachers that came in today and had dinner in the hotel; not much to write home about unfortunately, but we did stay dry!  There are now about 30 teachers and tomorrow we start Chinese and Teaching English as a Second language (TESL) courses.

We got back into our room about 7:30pm and Sophie dropped into bed from a very busy day!

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