Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Boutne Ultimatum!

Today was Sue's last teaching day and she felt like she had a great lesson.  We both feel good about going on to start our teaching assignments now, with a small amount of experience!

We had Chinese class this morning, but Sue skipped class to be with Jack who was feeling grumpy.  One way to get Jack over the grumps is to take him to the wet market!

They started out looking at some fireworks, just so they know what's available for the Chinese New Year!

Shanghai 018 

Then it was onto the food, with this huge display of garlic!

Shanghai 022 

What kid could still be grumpy after looking at hundreds of squirming eels??

Shanghai 024 

This chicken got to be petted by Jack before taking the long walk to the gallows. I'm sure he appreciated the act of kindness!

Shanghai 026 

Tons of noodles available for the asking!

Shanghai 027 

This man sold mats, thread and materials of all kind.

Shanghai 028 

A popular street food boutique!

Shanghai 029 

It's quite incredible how much stuff people can get onto their bicycles!  Today I saw a man carrying the front door of a house on his bicycle.  It did not look easy!  Another was carrying 12 (twelve!!)  garbage bag sized loads of laundry.  Pick-up trucks... who needs 'em??

Shanghai 030 

Jack out meeting the people!

Shanghai 031 

We stop here often at breakfast time for these wonderful "burritos" that are filled with some combination of chicken, pork and veggies.  Yum!

Shanghai 032 

Sophie's ready for bed after a long day.  She likes to listen to her Toy Story tape before bed.

Shanghai 009

I bought this movie on the street, "The Boutne Ultimatum".  I'm sure it is a legitimate copy even though they spelled the title of the movie incorrectly.  I'm sure because I had to pay almost 75 cents for it!

Shanghai 017

Tomorrow is a party with the students where we have to perform some talent.  I'll let you know how THAT goes!

This evening I went to the foot massage place across the street. They appear to work on your whole body, although they start and end at the feet.  Your clothes stay on and they just massage you through the clothes, very effectively.  The little wisp of a girl that massaged me was surprisingly strong!  I received a wonderful 70 minute massage for about $6.50 US!  Nice!

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Dana said...

Boutne! I thought that was *your* typo. Great pix in this one. I bet Jack gets a lot of attention with his blonde hair, not to mention blonde tall dad. Bet Sue and Pete are relieved to get to keep a low profile sometimes. :)