Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Disneyland - Day 3 in the park

The day started off with another ride on the Disney monorail and we lucked out and got to sit in the very front!  Jack is shown here with all of the Disney pins that he has collected over the last 3 days, sitting in the nose.  He and Peter now both have big collections from all of their trading.  Peter's oldest pin is from 1951!
Disney 075

The boys really didn't care to go on Small World, but the line was so short, how could we miss it?

Disney 017Today we went to Autopia, Toontown, Princess Faire, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, the Matterhorn, and Small World.  Here's Jack, pretending that "Small World" is a wild ride.  He was happy we got in a pink boat!  Notice however that he is NOT wearing a pink shirt!  It's nice to see him in something besides pink.  He said that he only wears pink in Arizona :).Disney 020 Peter and Jack in Mickey's Toontown on a quest to for Peter to get a shot together with Mickey.

Disney 037

... and Dan O., here it is!  The money shot - Peter shaking hands with Mickey!Disney 043

Then we had to get a shot with both the boys together with Mickey.  He's not very tall for a giant mouse!

Disney 045 

Sophie took this picture - not bad!  We also met a woman who had taught in China for 3 years, and adopted a daughter from the same city that Sophie came from!  She said she loved it but prepare to be stared at a lot.

Disney 106

Here are Sophie and her new friend who is also from Wuhan.

Disney 046 Here are Sophie and Jack sharing a car in the "Autopia" ride in Tomorrowland.

Disney 132 Disney 054

This sign we saw in the "Small World" ride.  It means "Good bye" in Chinese, and I thought it very timely for this blog as tomorrow night we get on the plane for China! 

Disney 035


Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh! I can't believe it's time for you to leave already! Love the pics from beautiful Southern California! Have a safe trip and we'll be thinking of you and your adventures often! Love ya all!! The Wilsons

Tim, Sue, Peter, Jack and Sophie said...

Ok now I am getting really nervous
We have this morning and afternoon and then load up. Both mom and I are grumpy as we are sad to say goodbye. I feel like I am on the cliffs at Bull pen and just need to JUMP!! Thanks for all your encouragement and friendship- I love you bunches!! zai tian for now!

Anonymous said...

This is it! Have a great flight. You'll do awesome in China. They are lucky to get such a great family. Enjoy something everyday and don't sweat the small stuff. It is going to be amazing, we can't wait to hear everything! Hugs to everyone! We love you guys! The Maher's

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, Sue, and family,
Was fun to visit your blog spot, I hope you will update it frequently so we can follow your adventures in China. Have a great time! -Eric and family from Jay's Bird Barn