Saturday, August 4, 2007

Arrived in Shanghai!

We are IN SHANGHAI!  Since we got up in LA, we have been up for 44 hours!  We have two rooms, one of them pictured below in a guest house hotel on the Shanghai University campus.  We spent some time figuring out  how everything worked, then it was out to the neighborhood to get the lay of the land.

Shanghai 019

  We took a little tour around our university with Eleanor, a teacher who has been here for the past year, and she helped us bargain for a couple of soccer balls.Shanghai 004

Here's Peter on the field next to our hotel, and Sophie with one of the soccer balls.  It is very humid here and only about 90 degrees, but so hot that there is a lot of sweating going on!

    Shanghai 005 Shanghai 006

Here's the family by a Shanghai University (I think!) sign.  Afterwards we went to the grocery store to pick up a few provisions.  Shanghai 018  We went out to a lovely dinner tonight where I ordered our meal in Chinese and what came out was actually what I ordered! We fed the 5 of us a large meal for the equivalent of $12 US. It was scrumptious! The boys were so tired after dinner that they went straight to bed.  I have a meeting tonight with some of the other teachers, and Sue gladly volunteered to stay back (and sleep) with the kids!Shanghai 021Good Night from the Lewises! Sleep well, I know we will!