Friday, August 31, 2007

Hangzhou Botanical Gardens, YuQuan temple

This morning, we went to the Hangzhou Botanical Gardens, which are an amazing retreat just 15 minutes from our apartment!  When we announced to the boys last night that we were going to go, they said, "aw, not GAAARRRDENS!!"  We were there by 8:30am this Saturday morning, and they changed their tune immediately!

Hangzhou 003

Hangzhou 004

The gardens encompass about 625 acres and contain about 3,500 different species of plants. There's even a Sequoia Pine that Richard Nixon gave China on his visit.  The purpose of the gardens, which were opened in 1956, are scientific study, preservation, and recreation.

We stopped at a Tea House in the gardens and watched these men playing their game together.

Hangzhou 008

Very picturesque tea house out in the middle of the forest!

Hangzhou 010

Gratuitous flower picture...

Hangzhou 012

Entering the YuQuan temple garden.  This scenic spot was established nearly 1500 years ago during the Southern Song Dynasty (1129 - 1217).

Hangzhou 013 Hangzhou 014

Peter LOVED this spot!  "It's so MOIST, Dad!"  Peter loves to be moist.

Hangzhou 015 Hangzhou 016 Hangzhou 019

There were many peacocks strolling around.  It was all the kids could do to keep from chasing them!

Hangzhou 020 Hangzhou 021

Hangzhou 035

There were lots of other little kids around with their parents.  This boy was particularly curious in all of these white faces that had invaded his garden!

Hangzhou 036

Sophie found this little girl to play with.

Hangzhou 037 

Gratuitous flower pictures...

Hangzhou 038 Hangzhou 040

Sophie, Sue and Jack enjoying this gorgeous place.  Such a contrast to being in the city only minutes away!

Hangzhou 042 Hangzhou 047 Hangzhou 049

We got a couple of drinks; Jack with his orange soda and me some green tea that was too sweet.  Jack wanted you to see the Chinese.

Hangzhou 051

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