Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Le Hu's Hungry Cats!

We are staying at the Le Hu building on the Shanghai University campus, and the staff here feeds several wild cats.  They hang out just outside the entrance, waiting for their next meal.  Two of the tamer cats allow themselves to be handled a little bit, but they are smart enough to stay away from Sophie!

Shanghai 011

Here's a kitty imagining himself as tough as the stone one above him!

Shanghai 013

Shanghai 001 

Sometimes this home schooling can get frustrating.  Here is one of our excellent parenting techniques to get the boys to do their homework - strangulation!  "Finish this problem and you can have more air, " is a great motivational technique!

Shanghai 002 

Here's Jack, breathing again.  Suddenly, math is much more interesting!

Shanghai 003

We actually have been comparing the lessons to what they were doing in school.  It appears that 1/2 to one hour of math a day here is equivalent to about 6 hours in school.  They are both really cruising in math.  We still need to work out a better writing curriculum.  We are having them journal every day, and are giving them writing assignments.  Jack's writing assignment today was to write about how his life is different in China vs. the U.S.

Lunch at Cherry's

There's a local restaurant that serves Western style spaghetti, pizza, etc. called Cherry's.  This is Cherry below, she is the owner of the restaurant along with her boyfriend.  She is 26 years old and quite the entrepreneur!

 Shanghai 004

We have been to Cherry's 3 times (her Chinese name is Zhang Qi (pron: jhong chee)), and she is pictured here with us and her boyfriend, Dai Junhao who is the co-founder.  Their restaurant is always quite busy.

 Shanghai 005

OK this is hilarious:  They thought we looked like Americans they have seen on TV, and they asked us if we were movie stars in America!   I really wanted to say "Yes", and not disappoint, but honesty prevailed!

I told them that I was going to be sending this picture below to both of their mothers :)

Shanghai 006 

Sue taught again today, and here are her students, looking quite dapper in their blue sweat suits, working diligently on one of her assignments. 

Shanghai 007

Tomorrow is my teaching day, when I will be giving a lesson about Bill Gates, who is kind of a pop icon here.   Everyone wants to be rich like Bill Gates!

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