Friday, August 17, 2007

Dinner at Sasha's

Another day, and Chinese and teaching class was followed by Tim going to the high school for teaching observations, and Sue staying back with the kids for a "home day".  Everyone has all been a bit tired from all of our going lately, so Sue and the kids had a much needed afternoon rest.  They did go to the student store, and Peter and Sophie found a secret path through the trees and the rocks.

Shanghai 033 

Tim got home at 5:20 and we jumped into a cab at 5:30 for dinner with the rest of the gang at Sasha's, an old mansion that used to be owned by the prominent Soong family.

Shanghai 035 Shanghai 040

A shot out the window of the cab of the Pearl radio tower.

Shanghai 036 

More building construction of what Sophie calls "fancy buildings".

Shanghai 037 

We sat in traffic at rush hour in our waiting for our dinner.

Shanghai 039 

Arrived at last!

Shanghai 044 Shanghai 045

Sasha's has a wonderful outdoor patio that we sat at and had dinner.  It's a big expatriate place, only English spoken here!

Shanghai 016

Shanghai 012

After a long evening of visiting it was time to go back to our rooms.  here are Tim, Peter, (and Jack's arm) hailing a cab.  In China you always hail a cab with your hand palm down.  Otherwise it means you may be hailing something (or someone) more illicit!

Shanghai 047


momweatbrook said...

Woohoo! I loved the pictures of the kids, hadn't seen anything but a sleeping Sophie in a long long time! Isn't Shanghai beautiful at night??? Keep up the great work! Tim, you have made my mother's day! She loves getting a print out of your blog every day in the mail. Toni Knaus had asked for your blog address too...she is keeping up with your adventures! Love mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Lewis's! It looks like you're having a great time and an amazing adventure! Hugs to all of you...we think of you often and miss you already! Hannah would like for you to send her some of the "pets" you are finding at the fresh market. Smile. The Wilsons

Grandmakapi said...

Hi All,
LOVE your pictures and stories!!!! I can just sit at my computer and paint from your pictures and I don't have to go to China at all! Such an overwhelming experience you are having! I'm so glad the kids are having so much fun. Want to see more pictures of Peter! Love to all of you!