Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Setting up house in Hangzhou

Aug 28

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary.  It was a very romantic day, just the 5 of us!

Here's Sue, still lookin' good after all those years!  "Tim, will you put that camera DOWN!"

Hangzhou 013 

The big event of the last couple of days is GETTING BICYCLES!  Peter and Jack got theirs yesterday and they were thrilled.  Sue and I couldn't keep up with them so we had to get a couple ourselves.  Here are Peter and Jack next to their new purchases. 

Hangzhou 021 

They were parking next to a yummy sushi restaurant in our neighborhood.  This is one of those places where the sushi moves by you on a conveyor belt and you pick off what you want.  Here we all are in a sushi frenzy!

Hangzhou 022

Jack ordered ice cream and it came to Peter.  Jack's not happy about it in this picture!  He was also not happy about the fact that the ice cream comes with salmon eggs on top!

 Hangzhou 023

Jack on his new bicycle, and Sophie hitching a ride!

Hangzhou 027 

We went down to Westlake today by taxi since we didn't know the way on our own bicycles, and rented bicycles there.  The lake is about 3 km in diameter and has a couple of islands in the center, and here I am with Sophie on one of the bridges to the island.

Hangzhou 028 

Some water lilies blooming on the shoreline...

Hangzhou 030 

Sophie and the boys looking for traffic!

Hangzhou 031 

Boats for hire for a peaceful ride...

Hangzhou 032 

Peter and I rode the new bikes home with Sophie on the back of mine in her new bike seat.  Jack and Sue rode home in this pedi-cab for 5 yuan! ($.75).

Hangzhou 040

The kids really like driving around under their own steam in a SEA of bicycles.  They love ringing their little bells for others to get out of the way.  I am trying to teach them the rules of the road.  Boy do we sure get a lot of stares going down the road, especially with Sophie on the back of my bike! She will go on the back of my bike to kindergarten next week!  Now we're in China!


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are getting settled in. I'm sure it will be nice to stay in one place and make it home. (I expect to see some bright colored paint on those walls in no time!) Happy Anniversary to you two! Hugs to you all! The Wilsons

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys! It's wonderful to see you back online.
Happy Anniversary!!!You have had wonderful years together and I so enjoy being part of your family!
I'm so glad the boys and Sophie are having such fun cruising around on their bicycles. Love to you all! Grandma Kapi

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like you are getting all settled in now. I just love seeing all the pictures as well as your comments on everything. It's very entertaining and the highlight of my morning! Have fun in your new city! Love, Cayruh

momweatbrook said...

Hi Tim and Sue and kids too! Happy Anniversary a little bit delayed. Your apt. looks nice and you guys look like you are getting totally Chinafied which is good. The bicycles should make life a lot easier for all of you...bet you don't see many helmets over there do you? I'll write or call as soon as my head gets put back on straight up and stable...dad has it spinning right now! Love mom

Anonymous said...

Love the pink bike Tim, you should have rent-to-buy!! So glad you made it to your new home. It looks awesome there!! Hope you are coping! Sue, send me the real deal!! Good job on 14 yrs - here is to the next 14!!! Love ya,
The Mahers

Bob & Amy said...

Yes - I'm worried about the helmets too, thanks Linda!!
-Amy (anxiously awaiting Lucy girl)