Monday, August 13, 2007

Sue Student Teaches!

Today Sue did her first student teaching!  She taught a class of 24 high school kids, and she talked about our Thanksgiving holiday, the food, the people,etc.

Meanwhile, I stayed back with the kids and did homework and took our dirty clothes back to the clothing inspection station - aka the cleaners.  They said since I was a return customer they were taking 20% off! Woohoo!  Now that I've used them before, I have much higher expectations that the clothing will be returned!

On our way to dinner tonight, Social Sophie met this little girl in the street, playing with playdough.  The girl wasn't too interested in having Sophie share her toy, but Sophie persisted!

Shanghai 001 

We went to a Tepenyaki grill where they grill everything in front of you.  We had beef, and two kinds of whole fish that you kind of had to gut yourself.  Not an easy task with a pair of wooden chopsticks!

Shanghai 002 

Here's a pile of squid frying on the grill.

Shanghai 004 

Down the hall in the middle of this big, empty building was a kids' play area.  The boys were bored with it but Sophie loved it.  It was about 10,000 decibels inside so we pulled her out after 15 minutes or so, much to her disagreement.

Shanghai 005 

Next, we happened across a Haagen-Dazs ice cream store that was delicious.  We tried just to order an ice cream cone but at this store you buy the full ice cream experience.  You sit in a booth, wait for your order to be taken, wait for the next ICE AGE to get your ice cream, enjoy your ice cream, then with for ANOTHER ice age for the bill.  My father-in-law definitely would not have liked this!  All of this for about $4 U.S. a scoop - a small fortune!  I have to say it was some of the best ice cream I ever tasted though!

Shanghai 006

Tomorrow I teach for the first time - I am worried about the timing of my lesson - will I only have enough material to fill 10 minutes?  Will I go over my allotted 40 minutes and only be able to cover a partial lesson?  We shall see! 

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