Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tim's Last Student Teaching Day

Here's the high school where we have been teaching to English.  Very modern, clean school.  I wish my high school had been this nice!  The campus is beautiful, although they still have chalkboards rather than white boards!  I sure hope our University has white boards!

Shanghai 009Shanghai 007

The big parking circle where cars and busses come in to drop kids off.  I wish Abia Judd school had something like this!

Shanghai 008Here's Teacher Tim, working with the students on an activity I prepared.  The girl standing is giving an answer.  Whenever a Chinese student gives an answer, they stand to address the teacher. 

Shanghai 032

The men's bathroom has a large open window that opens right onto the sidewalk.  So as you stand there at the urinal pondering world peace, people walk by and there you are in full color and sound.  If you have to go badly enough however, it's amazing what you can get used to, as Jack will attest to from several days earlier at the Water Town.


Sophie's at her favorite Smoothie stand getting ready to order something.

Shanghai 023

There appears to be a penchant to dye dogs' hair just to make them extra special and stand out from the crowd!  Here's a lovely little poodle with pink and orange stripes, and orange ears.  You can tell the cat is thrilled to be roommates with this side show poodle freak!

Shanghai 034 

Here's Peter as we are walking to dinner.  Sue and Sophie went out with the girls, and us guys went out on our own.  Jack was hungry and crabby, and NOT in the mood to have his picture taken.

Shanghai 012

As we got out on the street, I happened to see this guy coming toward me holding his son.  It's very common to see these split bottom pants rather than diapers.  The picture's a bit blurry as I snapped it on the sly without looking through the lens.   I wasn't sure if he would take kindly to some foreigner snapping a picture of his son's butt crack, and posting it on the internet!  The baby had just produced into Dad's hand. I just wish I could have captured the look of resignation and disgust on his face; but that's what happens with stealth photography!

Shanghai 016

Sue had taken this picture below to show the arm covers that many of the women wear when riding their bikes.  As a rule, women either wear lots of clothes, or carry a sun umbrella, as having dark tan skin is not considered as beautiful as light skin. I finally found a country where white is in! :) Shanghai 035     

It can be kind of hard to navigate around the tangles of old rusty bicycles parked on the sidewalk.

Shanghai 014  Before dinner, we found some street food; a crepe/pancake like piece of bread with egg and greens on it that Jack ate, BEFORE we got to the restaurant.  This improved his attitude immensely and he was willing to be photographed again.

Shanghai 017

Some of the student mailboxes on campus.

Shanghai 019

Laundry day!  Since it's so humid it does take much longer for things to dry here than in AZ, but this method definitely saves on the power bills!

Shanghai 022

Sue's last student teaching day is tomorrow, and she is looking forward to being done as well.  Friday is a party day with the students, and apparently their version of a party is a talent show.  I believe we are expected, as teachers, to show some particular talent as well.  I'm not sure what my talent will be, but I am practicing armpit noises as a backup!


julie said...

I cannot believe that is a high school!! Makes up for the fact that the students have to wear matching warm-ups, I guess. I will have to suggest that the AJ and PMHMS students start standing to address their teachers. That is great. Great blog, Tim-keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys, this is it! You did it! I'm so proud of you. Teaching English (and math!), studying like crazy, living out of a hotel & restaurants... You have accomplished so much in one month... What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing every day with us on the blog. I read it for all the latest. So glad you had a date night! Love you guys,
The Mahers