Friday, August 3, 2007

Departure Day At Last!

It's finally here! I'm sitting in the airport waiting to get on the airplane and I can't believe departure day has finally arrived!  I don't want to pay for an airport internet connection so I won't be able to send this until we get to Shanghai!

Today we spent a quiet day going to the movies in LA near our hotel at a local mall, and just vegging outI   A nice break after the frenetic pace of Disneyland.  It was great to have Linda and Randy escort us all the way to the airport shuttle.  We got up at 6am and now we're all tired and haven't gotten on the airplane yet!  It's going to be a LONG night!Leaving 002

... OK so we made it to Hong Kong and we are sitting in the airport waiting for our next flight, so I had some time to do an update!

Peter and Jack are still smiling - this is at hour 11 of 14 into the flight!


Leaving 007

We met some new friends on the plane - two girls who had also been adopted from the same town as Sophie!

Leaving 008 Sophie decided they were much more interesting than we were so she went to go sit with them!Leaving 011

Finally, here we are in Hong Kong.  Our first act on Chinese soil was to order breakfast - a bowl of spicy pork ramen noodles.  Delicious! Leaving 012

Sophie and Sue are enjoying some spicy pork ramen.  Delicious, and I do mean SPICY!Leaving 014This is the Hong Kong airport.  It's BIIIG.Leaving 013  Our airplane ready to take us to Shanghai with part of Hong Kong in the background.  It's about 90 degrees at 8am in the morning and very humid.  Peter likes the "moistness"!Leaving 015

More later after we get to Shanghai!


momweatbrook said...

Hi kids, I'm glad you made it over there safely and that you finally got something to eat. It was awfully quiet in our room last night and we are missing you something awful already! I made it home about 4 PM and Lucy is here in the office with me. It has rained every day here and it is VERY GREEN. I hope you are getting settled in your new home by now. Love mom

momweatbrook said...

Tim, Glad to hear all is well...check your email please. Love Linda