Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Brain served at dinner

Today was Sue's 2nd teaching day; mine is tomorrow!  She had a very good experience, where she taught vocabulary about the Olympics!

We also went to Chinese class and teaching class this morning, so it was another full day!  Sue came into teaching class late, because she was across the street getting an iced frappaccino-like drink that they make on the spot.  What a bad girl!  I chastised her for being late until I saw she had one for me too! 

She took the picture below of a device that seals the lid of the cup with a sheet of plastic, then you poke a sharp straw through it.  Works great!  No muss, no fuss!  I have no idea how it works.  Don't get your hands stuck in it!


Here I am at a local restaurant trying out my Chinese on the locals.  I can tell they are very impressed.  No, they are not laughing at me, and yes, that is a dictionary in my left hand!


Here are Sue and Sophie, waiting for me to finish the ordering process.  Takes a bit longer when you're looking up words!


While Sue was teaching in the afternoon, I went back with the kids to do some homeschooling.  The kids insist that they can't do anything academic unless they have adequate sugar delivery to their little brains.  We stopped by the store and got these little chocolate pieces called "Collon", probably because that's what they block up.002

It even looks like little pieces of colon doesn't it?   Yummy!  ;)


This evening was one of the teacher's birthday; he was turning the ripe old  age of 22.  So we went to a local ex-pat place called "The Blue Frog" for drinks and dinner.


Here's Jack with Brian, the birthday boy.  Brian pointed out that he and Jack may be 12 years apart, but they are the same maturity level.  They both loved "The Simpsons Movie".


I'm sure the title of this blog grossed you out!  Ha ha!  Actually, our server's "Western" name was Brian as well, but he spelled it "Brain".  So Brain did actually serve at dinner.  Gotcha! 

Below, we are walking home from the Blue Frog in the Daning Shopping Center.  It's a very modern shopping center with Starbuck's and all of the rest.  I saw a pair of jeans in the window that sell for about $7 U.S.!


Shanghai is funny - there are some things very expensive (anything Western) and some things very cheap, so it definitely pays to modify your lifestyle accordingly!  The 5 of us had dinner and drinks  (actually, Jack had 2 complete dinners - he was extra hungry) for about $40 US, compared to a huge lunch with fresh veggies and all, for about $20.

Tomorrow we go on a River Cruise in the evening which we are looking forward to!


momweatbrook said...

Good morning Tim, it is so nice to wake up in the morning and read about your day! Peter looks to be almost as tall as Sue! My mom says she really looks forward to the mail and getting your blog all printed out for her! Love ya Linda

outonalimb said...

Hi Guys,

Wow! Love seeing and hearing what you are up to. You know how to do life!!!! This is the first time I have read your blog. It is fabulous. We miss you guys. Can't wait to visit - looks like a wonderful adventure. Will read and write more later. Am off to Colorado for another conference.
Need anything back here? Have you figured out how long your forwarded mail takes? Love and hugs to all from me and our gang. Kelly

myjosmith said...

Hi guys... What an adventure your family is on. We have thought of doing the same thing so we will be watching how things go for you. Sophie is so big! Tell her "Hi" from her Xiaonan buddie Ramzie.
Mike, Joanie and Ramzie Smith