Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Crad" ovaries

On Saturday, we visited the Yu Yuan Gardens, which were some 400 years old and were created during the Chin dynasty.  Fifteen of us teachers and families went by chartered bus, and then a short walk to the gardens.  The neighborhood was filled with vendors, one of which was this kid selling caps.  He started acting pretty goofy when I pointed the camera at him and took this shot! 

Shanghai 003 Shanghai 054

Shanghai 007On the way into the gardens there were hundreds of stalls and thousands of people!  We pushed and shoved our way through the crowd like any good Chinese.  We're getting to be pros at shoving people aside to get where we need to!  Everyone here just takes it as a matter of course! 

There was a Dairy Queen outlet and I shoved Peter through the crowds to the front where he ordered himself an Oreo Blizzard and was temporarily transported to heaven!

Shanghai 064

Some shots from within the Yu Yuan Garden below.  It looks so serene, but we were so frazzled from the crowds outside to get here, and the humidity that we didn't feel very peaceful!  Shanghai 042 Shanghai 053

Shanghai 020 Shanghai 021 Shanghai 022 Shanghai 028 Shanghai 030 Shanghai 032

Jack and Peter hanging out in the gardens.  They were really beautiful!

Shanghai 041 Shanghai 050

Here's our guide, Larry, who was sweating even more than I was, and I was drenched!  I told him I was taking a picture of him sweating and he laughed!

We were in the middle of this beautiful 400 year old garden, then off into the distance there were huge sky scrapers going up, disappearing into the clouds - what a juxtaposition!

Shanghai 045 Shanghai 067Shanghai 049     Here's a great restaurant sign:  It's actually quite a famous restaurant, but I love the English, "Dumpling stuffed with the ovary and digestive glands of a crad".   I'm not sure what a crad is, but I bet their ovaries are delicious! When I find out I'll let you know!

Shanghai 012

... and finally back out to the street we go, back through all of the crowds!

Shanghai 011

Peter and Jack were a bit bummed not to get more time shopping, but hopefully we'll do some more tomorrow at the fabric market!  It's not an outing if they can't buy SOMEthing!

We were supposed to go to the river tour today as well but all of that humidity built up to a huge rain/thunderstorm!  We came back and found dinner while the boys stayed in the room.  We all feel wiped out tonight and it's only 7:45pm!


Brian and Tammy said...

Yes, let us know on the "crads" What great photography, the skyscraper in the back ground is an excellent shot. Good to see you all, and that you are well! We'll continue to keep up....
With Best Wishes,
Brian and Tammy Cole

marcdarr said...

That's weird, we had crad ovaries last night too! Enjoying your blog and the crystal clear photos.
It's raining here too, almost every afternoon. Sounds like you're having an excellent adventure! The boys and I went to see the Simpson's movie also. They have been quoting Homer all week. (Simpson that is...not the Greek poet). We miss you guys.
-Marc Darr