Sunday, June 15, 2008

Zhejiang Provincial Museum

We have been in Hangzhou all of this time but have never made it to the Zhejiang provincial museum which borders West Lake on the Bai Di.  The museum is three floors which chronicle over 7000 years of history in this region!  We saw everything from replicas of the first wood houses made with primitive tools to the military costumes from the Warring States period and a Texaco Oil Co. sign from the turn of the century.  Quite a diverse collection!

 Hangzhou 003    Hangzhou 004

After a quick visit to the museum, we hopped a boat to the West Lake islands on this balmy day - gorgeous in every direction!
Hangzhou 008

Hydrangeas greeted us upon landing on the island, "Three Pools Mirroring the Moon".
Hangzhou 007

We let the boys stay up until midnight last night playing a computer game with our friend Danny, and they were grumpy today.  Even though they were tired, they made me a scrumptious French Toast breakfast this morning for Father's Day.  However they really wanted to stay home but we dragged them out anyway, so here I am headlocking the two grumps. 
  Hangzhou 011

Jack perked up after awhile and played with his sister on the boat.
 Hangzhou 017

A flower shot for Sue to paint when she gets home in 2 weeks!
Hangzhou 020

One of the boys spied this snake swimming rapidly through the water.  Yikes!
 Hangzhou 023

Our four kids...  Peter, Sophie, Jack and our newly adopted son Danny, also another teacher at Jiliang.  He comes over and plays network PC games with the boys and they LOVE it!
Hangzhou 024

Looking across one of the pools at "Three Pools Mirroring the Moon" island.
Hangzhou 025

A family picture, looking back across West Lake.
 Hangzhou 026

All of the kids, including Danny, got up in the tree for this shot...
Hangzhou 032

Jack was the first to find the tree and climb it - he loved it up there!
Hangzhou 033

This is the same scene as is on the 1 RMB bill, so it's well known all over China!
Hangzhou 034

The lily pads were all blooming in the three pools.
Hangzhou 039

Jack loves hopping around across these doorways.  He's all arms and legs these days!
Hangzhou 067

And finally Sophie, who's favorite activity is to be outdoors running at top speed.  The island is good for that as there are no cars and it wasn't too crowded today!
Hangzhou 076

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Bob & Amy said...

LOVE the photo of Jack jumping the doorway. Very cool. And I cannot believe you are on your way home! What an amazing experience for you all.

Lucy went camping with us this weekend for Father's Day. She was in heaven scrambling around the campground and playing in the sand by the river. She was WORN OUT and basically vegged on Sunday. As soon as we opened the car up to begin the 4 hr pack up, she leaped in and snuggled up in the car and slept until we left. It was hilarious. We've booked some camping on Orcas this summer (wanna come???) in Moran St Park on a lake so she'll have more fun camping...

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