Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some Interesting Pictures

On our Putuoshan trip, Kendall really got Jack interested in photography.  He was especially interested in taking pictures of small things...
Putuoshan 155

Putuoshan 158 Putuoshan 161

Besides Jack, our friend Aamir was also creative with the camera.  He asked Jack to show different emotions...

Putuoshan 042

Putuoshan 043

Putuoshan 044

So then Rebecca and Sue had to have a try!

Putuoshan 049

Putuoshan 050

Putuoshan 051

 Putuoshan 052

Putuoshan 053

I'm doing some past pictures because there's not a lot going on for us this week.   We are finishing up our classes and giving final exams.  We're also packing up our apartment and trying to give away as much stuff as possible so that the load of things to bring home will be less daunting. Our week of sad goodbyes is coming!


Anonymous said...

I know Jack is the next Paul Newman and the excellent acting is beginning! Love Grandma Kapi

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

I know you will be sad to leave China. I can certainly see why as I know you guys have met so many new friends there! However, we are excited to have you back in America again! :)

Love, Cayruh

Rupa said...

Hi Sue,

We are enjoying your blog, we can't wait to see you. It's good to see that you are enjoying China so much. Don't be to sad to leave China, have a safe trip back, give us a call.

Love, Rupa, Tahsin, Zara, and Jumana

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys are coming back soon! it is gunna be sad saying goodbye : ( But everyone here will happy to have u here!!! Call ME~~

Chris V.