Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Patriotic Haircut

I couldn't post this earlier because Jack wanted to surprise our family back in the U.S. with his new haircut.  Also it took me a couple of days to get my internet service re-established.  In a previous blog, you may remember a little boy who had "2008" and the Olympic Torch cut into his hair.  This gave Jack the idea to do a US theme with his own hair.

First, getting the flag cut into the back...
Coming Home 074

... and of course "U S A" cut into the top of his head.
Coming Home 081

Lookin' good there, baldy!
Coming Home 082

Now for the dye...
Coming Home 085 Coming Home 086

Some of Sue's students, who came to the barber shop with us to help with translation...
Coming Home 110

The flag is complete!
Coming Home 117

... Now here's Jack with Sue's students - with his new 'doo.  Ready to come home!
Coming Home 119

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